New Obsession: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 was one of the games my D&D group suggested we all get so we could play together. I am so glad we did. Frankly playing with them is one of the few things keeping me going through this lockdown.

As the name suggests, this game takes place in the Warhammer universe. Namely, the Age of Sigmar timeline. You play as one of five heroes as you fight off both the Chaos army and the Skaven horde. 

My go-to hero is Kerillian. She is the Elven rouge of the group. If you know me as my party does, you will understand that I am a sucker for rouges and Elves. Plus she is Scottish, so bonus points for her. They teased me for my pick but since I am great as her, they can’t complain. 

Each character has three branching careers to pick from. On top of that, there are 15 different talent trees and 50+ weapon types. Meaning you can customise your hero to fit your playstyle whatever it is.

The gameplay is straight forward. It is a classic Hack and Slash for the most part. A team of four players must fight for survival and complete objectives throughout the mission. Each mission takes roughly an hour each.

When I first started playing, I only did so with friends. When I started playing with strangers, I was a bit nervous. I have had some bad experiences in other co-operative online games.

However, so far I have had no issues with other players. Folk tend to be chill. I am sure there are toxic players out there, but I have yet to encounter them. I find playing with strangers or even bots fun, but the best is when I can play with friends.

Vermintide 2 is such a fun game. It is so satisfying and a great game to play to burn out some frustration. That has been vital for me in recent days due. Something about decapitating hordes of enemies truly helps you blow off steam and makes you feel powerful.

It has also reignited my love for Warhammer overall. I have become obsessed with the lore surrounding the storyline of the game. If there are any Vermintide related books, please let me know!

I am having a blast with Vermintide 2, as you can tell. It’s gritty, intense and brutal. The perfect game to combat dull endless days trapped at home. 

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  1. I remember having a blast with the first Vermintide game, it sounds like I need to give the sequel a go! Unfortuantely, I don’t have any recommendations for books based on the games but if you are looking for books that feature then I do have some that may be of interest.
    The first is Skavenslayer by Wiliiam King, its the second book in the Gotrek and Felix series. It features arguable one of the most infamous Skaven character, Grey Seer Thanquol.
    The Ambassdor Chronicles by Graham McNeill, is a duology consisting of The Ambassador and Ursun’s Teeth. The ratmen only feature breifly in the second book, Ursun’s Teeth, but they are good reads.
    Finally, there is the Blackhearts series by Nathan Long. I’m not entirely sure if you can get these books any other way than by buying them physically second hand but the ratmen do feature in either the second or third books.
    Its been a while since I’ve read any Warhammer novels, so there maybe more recent novels that have been published, if there are, please let me know!

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