Stranger Things Read-A-Like

I am still recovering from Season 4 of Stranger Things. That ending, ouch.  I might be a bit late since it stopped airing a while ago but I needed time to heal. Yeah, still not 100% there, but the show must go on. My goto curse for a broken heart? Reading to fill the void.  So,... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Dragons 2023: What Do We Know?

With Stranger Things, Critical Role and The Adventure Zone catapulting D&D into the mainstream, I guess it should not come as a surprise that Hollywood would decide to cash in. Considering how the previous movies about the game, namely Mazes and Monsters and Dark Dungeons, portrayed the game as evil and fed into the satanic panic, maybe this film can be seen as an... Continue Reading →


Today's ramble is just a bit on the short side, as I wanted to share a little milestone with you guys. Last Sunday, my D&D group celebrated our "Strahdaversary". We have been playing our Curse of Strahd campaign for a year now. Time flies when you are fighting for survival in brutal Barovia. So far, our kill... Continue Reading →

Meet Daphne Lethe

Last Monday's session was intense. The session started with Gunner, the only confirmed survivor, waking up after the battle. He got pulled away from the fray by an NPC. Realising the situation, he was keen to run back down to where he last saw his friends and get them to safety. Provided, of course, that... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Homeland

I might have found my new favourite fantasy series. As an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, I like playing video game adaptations of the beloved TTRPG. My current favourite is Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. From the second I hit play, I fell in love with the playable characters, but in particular a certain Drow Rogue by the... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Dragons Withdrawal

Today marks the fourth consecutive session of D&D that I have missed. While this doesn't sound like much, I am having severe withdrawal. It is almost funny how much this is affecting me. Me, almost every day I know that it sounds like I am overdramatic. In fairness, from a certain point of view, I... Continue Reading →

Meet Zyn Zoland

In a previous ramble, I mentioned my newest character, Zyn Zoland for our Curse of Strahd campaign. Well, I thought it would be fun to tell you guys a bit more about my Drow Necromancer.  When I first envisioned him, he was a nervous wreck and an edgelord. I mean, it's Curse of Strahd, it's a gothic horror... Continue Reading →

Strahd is having us for dinner

A bit later than we planned, but last week he had the first session of our new D&D campaign. This time around, we are playing Curse of Strahd.  For those of you who don't know, Curse of Strahd is a fantasy-horror adventure. It's a beloved and feared module as it doesn't hold back. After getting letters addressed to... Continue Reading →

Fated End

Today is the day. It has been a long time coming. Due to some complications with work commitments, we ended up moving our final Fateless session to today. Hardly ideal I know, but these things happen. It was either play today or wait for three weeks, it seemed like a pretty straightforward choice. In a... Continue Reading →

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