Chaotic Things D&D Players Say

This ramble will, without a doubt, be the dumbest post to date, but I want to share these with you. For a while now, I have been taking notes while playing Dungeons and Dragons. Not the usual kind about plot twists, essential NPCs and shared inventory. Nope, not that helpful information. That's Ben's job, anyway.... Continue Reading →

Meet Hecate Iriosal

A new campaign means a new character! I mentioned in my last ramble about the new Out of the Abyss game my group are starting tomorrow that I would introduce you to my newest character. Well, here she is in all her glory!  Hecate by the talented Mimmikko Hecate Iriosal is a water genasi druid. Like Daphne... Continue Reading →

Into the Unknown, Out of the Abyss

When one campaign ends, another one will begin.  After about a year or so of playing Curse of Strahd, we are swapping Barovia for the Underdark. Both are frankly dark and depressing places, with potential death a constant companion. My group really needs to play a more light-hearted campaign soon, as this is a worrying pattern.  I... Continue Reading →

Our Season Finale of Curse of Strahd

After over a year's worth of suffering, angst and all-around bad times for our characters, our Curse of Strahd campaign had its season finale last Sunday. In short, we decided to move on to another campaign for a while, leaving Curse of Strahd on a cliffhanger we will return to at a later date.  Oh man, it's been a... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things Read-A-Like

I am still recovering from Season 4 of Stranger Things. That ending, ouch.  I might be a bit late since it stopped airing a while ago but I needed time to heal. Yeah, still not 100% there, but the show must go on. My goto curse for a broken heart? Reading to fill the void.  So,... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Dragons 2023: What Do We Know?

With Stranger Things, Critical Role and The Adventure Zone catapulting D&D into the mainstream, I guess it should not come as a surprise that Hollywood would decide to cash in. Considering how the previous movies about the game, namely Mazes and Monsters and Dark Dungeons, portrayed the game as evil and fed into the satanic panic, maybe this film can be seen as an... Continue Reading →


Today's ramble is just a bit on the short side, as I wanted to share a little milestone with you guys. Last Sunday, my D&D group celebrated our "Strahdaversary". We have been playing our Curse of Strahd campaign for a year now. Time flies when you are fighting for survival in brutal Barovia. So far, our kill... Continue Reading →

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