Star Trek drinking game (original series)




Prepare you livers, folks.

I am not much of a drinker. Heck, I am probably the biggest lightweight you will ever meet. However, I played my first drinking game recently and thought “hey, why don’t I make one?” Thing is, since there are so many Star Trek series (plus movies) I think it’s only fair to make different rules for each series. I’m starting with the first, and my personal favourite of the bunch, Star Trek: The Original Series. I’ll get to the movies in a later ramble.

So, grab a keg of Romulan Ale, a bottle of Klingon Blood Wine or a tankard of Andorian Ale and lets begin.

Chekov_drinking_vodka (1)

Take a drink when;

When Spock says something is illogical,

When Bones says dammit man I’m a doctor, not (insert occupation here),

When Spock reminds people that he is a Vulcan,

When Chekhov says something is from Russia,

When Kirk kisses someone,

When Spock smirks/ raises an eyebrow,13884490

When they can’t reverse,

When someone gets slapped,

When a red shirt gets killed,

When someone gets knocked out/captured,

When there is a bromance moment between Kirk and Spock,

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