Top 5 Obsessions of 2018

I know that this is only the second week of December, but I am already in a reflective mood. As harsh as this year has been to me, I have had some good times and found several new things to get obsessed with. So, I decided to pick out my top five new obsessions and... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: My Time At Portia

Once again a dear friend gave me an awesome game recommendation. Thanks, Shiloh! My Time At Portia is an Early Access game available on Steam created by Pathea Games. Following in your Pa's footsteps, you move to the small but lively town of Portia to rebuild his former Workshop and create a new life for yourself. As... Continue Reading →


I hope everyone's wallets are doing alright after this year's Steam Summer Sale. I only spent £6.52 on two games. A personal best! That is the happiest part of this ramble over. You see, for the past couple of days and for the next week and a half I am staying away from home. Meaning... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an MMO Junkie

So, I might have a problem. Well, I have several but let us just focus on this one right now, okay? Recently I have been watching the anime series Recovery of an MMO Junkie, which I highly recommend by the way, and found myself relating to the protagonist Moriko Morioka a bit more than I should. In... Continue Reading →

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