[OWLS September Blog Tour] Partners in Crime

When it comes to romantic relationships, what do we look for in a partner? What core values do we seek when it comes to building a healthy and loving relationship? For this topic, we will be discussing some of our favorite couples in pop culture and what they have taught us about love and relationships, the good and the bad.

I was humming and hawing about using this pair for this topic, wondering if they did qualify as romantic partners. Then I realised, that exactly the point.

Full disclosure, I have only been in two proper relationships in my life, one of them only lasted about a month before I got dumped via text. Needless to say, I am hardly a relationship expert by any stretch of the imagination but you don’t need to be a love guru to see how one-sided this ‘romance’ is.


From my limited experience in that department, even I know that relationships are something that can only work when both parties involved are, well, involved. It takes effort to make a relationship last and both of them need to contribute, the pair are equals.

Light and Misa are the exact opposite.

From the moment Misa found out about Light she became obsessed then threw herself at his feet at the first chance she got. Great start to a healthy relationship.

Light even tells her that he can’t be her boyfriend “but I can play the part” which apparently is good enough for her. Even though he doesn’t even hold up his end of the bargain outside of a kiss or two, sometimes saying ‘love you too’ and a few compliments here and there.

On several occasions, Light puts her in dangerous situations with little regard to what could happen to her on top of considering straight up killing her. Light is an egomaniac with a God complex who doesn’t think anyone around him is his equal and Misa is just a tool for him.

I have heard a few folk bash Misa for being ‘stupid’ because of this but despite the act she puts on, she is a rather intelligent character. She discovered Light was Kira pretty quick and even came up with a few cunning plots of her own, most notably when she managed to escape the watchful eyes of the task force and was able to trick the new Kira into confessing his identity.


Misa is simply so obsessed with Light that she doesn’t care about anything but pleasing him. Not that it makes this situation any better. I have seen it compared to the dynamic between The Joker and Harley Quinn but that ‘relationship’ is far more toxic since Joker has repeatedly tried to kill Harley and is both physically and mentally abusive.

Side note, why do people keep calling those clowns couple goals? I am seriously worried about your safety if that is genuinely the relationship you want.

Like I said, relationships or at least healthy ones require both of the lovers to be treated as equals. They both pull their weight and help each other. Good relationships are like partners in crime, bad ones are a boss and a minion.

I hope you enjoyed this months tour! If you haven’t please go and read Relationship Matters by Aria and keep an eye out for Jack’s post over at The Aniwriter!

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