Achievement Unlocked: Beat Last Year’s Record

I had a different article planned and almost finished but then something awesome happened. Thanks to awesome folk like you, yes you the person reading this, last year's view count has already been beaten! While I was hoping to beat my personal best, I did not expect it to happen so soon. We aren't even halfway... Continue Reading →


Achievement Unlocked: Hit the big 2 0 0

It happened, this little blog has reached 200 followers! I was hoping to hit this milestone this year, but I wasn't expecting it so soon. That being said it did happen at the perfect moment since I found out as I was leaving a rather rough shift at work. I seriously cannot thank everyone enough.... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Television Student

Finally! My suffering is over! Well not really, I still have a bunch of paperwork to finish, edit and a couple of tests. However, I have finished filming for my Graded Unit short film. When I started the course I felt somewhat confident as I had edited before and knew the basics of using cameras.... Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: Back to College

In just two days I'm going back to College! Yes, this idiot has managed to get into College again! Last time I studied Practical Journalism, but then the whole Fake News situation happened and Journalism has never been the same. That and admittedly, if I'm being honest with you, I slacked off. I didn't study... Continue Reading →

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