Confessions of a Television Student

Finally! My suffering is over! Well not really, I still have a bunch of paperwork to finish, edit and a couple of tests. However, I have finished filming for my Graded Unit short film. When I started the course I felt somewhat confident as I had edited before and knew the basics of using cameras.... Continue Reading →


Achievement Unlocked: Dungeon Master

Before I begin I have a quick announcement. No, Thomas, I won't stop saying nice stuff about you. It's your fault for being an awesome bloke! Last Monday I bit the bullet and took up the role of Dungeon Master for my D&D party. I wrote about the run-up to the session in the previous... Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: Back to College

In just two days I'm going back to College! Yes, this idiot has managed to get into College again! Last time I studied Practical Journalism, but then the whole Fake News situation happened and Journalism has never been the same. That and admittedly, if I'm being honest with you, I slacked off. I didn't study... Continue Reading →

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