A Pirates Life For Me

Recently, Shiloh informed me about the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Needless to say, I got it soon after and was quickly introduced to Sea of Thieves. I have had my eye on the game since 2018 but heard some very mixed reviews. However, with the Game Pass, I get it for basically free so I... Continue Reading →

Cryptids and Coffee Beans

Finally got to play Call of Cthulhu as an investigator! The module we played was Amidst the Ancient Trees. I am going to be a little vague when talking about plot points to prevent spoilers. All you need to know is that this investigation took place in 1920's Vermont. I decided to bring back one of my favourite... Continue Reading →

YA or Nay?

When I was trying to get back into reading more often one piece of advice kept popping up, read YA fiction. I read my fair share of young adult fiction when I was a teen like Hunger Games, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Paper Towns to name some of my favourites from back... Continue Reading →

That old scapegoat

Here we go again, video games being used as a scapegoat. I know that by the time this gets posted it will be old news. Well, until it happens again and if history does repeat itself as it is want to do this old excuse will be used again and again. I get that as... Continue Reading →

E3 2019

I did plan to write a new E3 drinking game but due to college deadlines and totally forgetting what dates E3 was this year it slipped my mind. Sorry! Also, sorry that this is really late and if I am being honest, pretty bad. I have been really distracted and unmotivated today despite getting good... Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th: Vengeance

I don't really talk about this outside of Halloween, but I really like horror. Granted I often have to watch it between my fingers or with most of my face buried in my shirt but I do love horror whether its books, movies or games. My favourite is over the top 80s horror or anything... Continue Reading →

From their family to yours

The first teaser for the latest The Addams Family film was released and so far it looks rather promising. Like a lot of folks, I grew up watching The Addams Family movies on repeat. I also loved the 60s TV show and cartoons. So when I first heard about the upcoming animated movie I was both... Continue Reading →

The Crew of the Bebop Announced

I planned on discussing this earlier but I already had a few things scheduled and planned so I am sorry for being (almost consistently) late to the party. Netflix, right off the bat I got to say that I have little faith in you after how you adapted (and I use that word very loosely)... Continue Reading →

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