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Doctor, Doctor

giphy (7).gifIs it safe to talk about this topic yet?

Like many from the UK, I grew up watching Doctor Who. I stopped watching after the second season of Matt Smith’s run, but I have watched several of the newer episodes.

So, as a female fan of this show, who grew up idolising and wanting to be The Doctor, what is my opinion on the new female Doctor?


To be completely honest, I was never begging for a female Doctor in the first place. For me, as long as the writing was good and the actor brought something new and interesting to the iconic Time Lord I was happy.

Not to mention, everyone has a favourite Doctor. Everyone has their own opinions on what makes a good Doctor and why their favourite is the best.

giphy (11).gifFor example, my favourite is David Tennent. He brought a lot of joy to the role but could deliver dramatic and even heartbreaking performances. Matt Smith never clicked with me the way Tennent did, which was why I stopped watching the show.

Do not get the wrong idea, I am happy that Jodie Whittaker landed the role. I can also understand why a lot of people are ecstatic about our new leading lady. 

However, I don’t think it is fair to put Whittaker on a pedestal for the sole reason that she is female. I also don’t want her to face an uphill struggle to meet the fandoms high expectations for her.

I have seen some pretty nasty complaints (If you can call them that) about the casting, yet I fail to see the problem. It has been hinted in the show for a while that Time Lords can regenerate into the opposite sex, in fact, The Master became The Mistress Aka Missy.

Not to mention that the show has had its fair share of social and political commentary over the past 50 years. Covering topics such as corrupt governments, genocide and racism. Of course, let’s not forget Captain Jack Harkness, who flirted with both males and females.

Really, it was only a matter of time before a female piloted the TARDIS.

Whittaker, I wish you all the best. I am rooting for you!

giphy (8)I will end on this note. If they really wanted to go all the way to please the die hard fans, they should have cast a ginger woman.

I’m just saying!


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Welcome, Doomfist!

tenorAfter a long wait, Doomfist is finally here!

However, before we go any further let’s address the elephants in the room.

Firstly, you can only play as Doomfist in the PC PTR. If you are a console peasant like me, you are going to have to wait a little longer before you can test out the latest hero.

Secondly, he isn’t voiced by Terry Crews.

Now that I have got that out of the way, I am already in love with this guy.

In my less than humble opinion, he has the best Origin animation of any Overwatch character. If you haven’t seen it, it is at the bottom of this ramble, you are welcome.

I have to say, while it would have been awesome for Terry Crews to provide the voice for Doomfist, it didn’t take long for Sahr Ngaujah to win me over. His deep calm voice is perfect for a powerful and intimidating person like him.

doomDoomfist also adds to the lore of the Overwatch universe. A high-ranking member of Talon armed with charm, intelligence and determination, he climbed the ranks after killing his teacher, the former Doomfist.

I am interested to see what his relationship is like with fellow Talon members, such as Widowmaker and Reaper.

I really like his design, he has an intimidating presence, unlike any other character in the game.

I’m sorry, I can’t take Reaper seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I like him but come on! He is such an Edgelord, I can’t help but laugh at him.

I am looking forward to playing as him and seeing first-hand what he is capable of. I am interested in learning more about Talon, so hopefully with Doomfist now in the game, we will get a better look into the inner workings of the criminal enterprise.

Welcome to Overwatch, Doomfist!

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Falling for fantasy

2bdf6825a39f013d4c779ec690aba404Back in February of last year, I talked about Final Fantasy 14 and how I had fallen head over heals for it. However, due to college I had to stop playing it for a while and I didn’t start playing it again until recently, and that was due to my best friend poking and prodding me to catch up as the latest expansion Stormblood is coming out next month.

I finally gave in and jumped back into Eorzea last week, and while I am still a tad rusty, I have fallen in love with this game again. I had almost forgotten how much fun it was and how cute my character was.

I am rather ashamed to admit this, but FF14 was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. Back in 2016, I had a passing knowledge of the franchise but that was as far as I went into it. Since then, I have played the original FF7 to see what the fuss was all about and the latest game in the series, FF15. 

FF15 prides itself on being a game for both long-time fans and newcomers alike. No, really, It says that every time you start up the game. As someone who isn’t exactly a newcomer yet, I am certainly not a long time fan, I would have to agree with their claim.

kawaiiTo be honest, FF15 threw me for a loop when I started playing but the charm of the game won me over. I fell in love with the characters, particularly Prompto, Ignis and Cindy. That being said, it was the Chocobos that stole my heart.

Chocobos are my favourite element of the Final Fantasy games. I realise that might sound really dumb but hear me out. They are both adorable and useful, not to mention loyal. They can even heal you when you get to a high enough level in FF14. While playing FF15 (mild spoiler incoming) you are given the choice to go straight to Lestallum to continue the story or go to the Chocobo Post. Guess which one I picked?

Yes, there has been a horrific event and the fate of my kingdom rests on my shoulders, but Chocobos! This is why I should never be trusted with power and responsibility, I would abandon it all for anything cute.

final-fantasy-15-1After playing these three games, I wish I had played the other games in the series sooner. So I want to ask you a few questions regarding this series, which of the games should I play? Which ones hold up and which one is your favourite? Please let me know.

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Happy Birthday, Overwatch!

overwatch-anniversaryTime flies when you are having fun, or when you are screaming at your team to get on the payload, same difference when you are playing Overwatch.

Jokes aside, I can’t believe that it has been a year since Overwatch made its debut. In just a year this game gained a massive following and intense fandom.

I said this before, but I avoided the game up until November (why? Well, that is another story so if you want to know here you go) which I seriously regret as this is now one of my favourite games. On top of this, I missed out on several events.

No point in dwelling on the past, let’s look at what we have to look forward to in just a few days time.

tumblr_oq6ikuxqAo1qaywrho1_400.gifFirstly, the skins. I suspect this might be an unpopular opinion, but I am a little disappointed by the new skins.  I really like the Soldier 76 one but I don’t have any feelings towards the other three. I hope there are more skins on offer when the event rolls around.

In terms of emotes, I want them now, they are so cute! Particularly Sombra’s. Speaking of Sombra, I am looking forward to playing in the new maps but the one that caught my eye was Sombra’s hideout.

We have also had a taste of some of the voice lines, and while I like them all my favourite has to be Soldier 76’s “I’m not your father” line. I burst out laughing when I heard it.

In case you aren’t active in the fandom, there is a popular portrayal going around of 76 being a father figure to the younger characters which has paved the way for some adorable fanart and some adult fanart.

Word of warning, never google Overwatch without the safe search on.

fuckthewifiWith one little voice line, Jeff and the Overwatch team show that they are keeping up with the fandom, but this isn’t the first time they have done this. Jeff has stated before that he likes seeing all the different interpretations of the characters. Though apparently Solider 76 isn’t a fan of the fandom’s interpretation.

Despite starting off on the wrong foot, I have fallen head over heals for Overwatch. While my heart still belongs to Team Fortress Two, I think we can all agree that Overwatch has certainly made an impact in the gaming community and truly deserves the praise it has received.

Happy First Birthday, heroes! I’m looking forward to what you will bring in the future.

If you haven’t played Overwatch yet there is a free weekend taster coming up next week, so I recommend giving it a shot. Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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Free Comic Book Day 2017

187696_1039353_14Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day also known as the best day of the year. This year there was 50 free comics handed out including manga.

I have been attending Free Comic Book Day events for the past three years.

In previous years, I would hang around town for a bit after grabbing my free goodies, but not this year. Mainly because I was too tired and I wanted to enjoy the decent weather at home while it lasted.

This year my quest for comics began at the ungodly hour of half past five. Having packed my kindle, water and snacks the night before so I thought I was properly prepared for the day. I only had an hour before my train arrived at the station.

I arrived at the growing queue at Forbidden Planet Glasgow around seven, I was number 12 when I took my spot in the line so I hoped I would I manage to pick up one of the limited Pop figures.

The kindle turned out to be unnecessary as I ended up having a good chat with fellow comic book fanatics as we waited.

18221762_704103523105220_6299482683022410860_nAfter waiting for an hour and finally being allowed into the store, I emerged the proud owner of a free Gold Iron Fist Funko figure. I also managed to pick up the second volume of the KonoSuba light novel for 20% off. Needless to say, I’m quite chuffed.

Since only five customers were let in at a time, I was in the third group to enter. This may be my third year, but the sight of free comics will never be less than beautiful.

By the time I left the store the queue stretched from the door up past several shops. I was glad I got in when I did.

In terms of this years line up of comics, I was pretty impressed. My personal favourite was Buffy: The High School Years, and this is coming from someone who still hasn’t got around to watching Buffy. It’s on my Netflix list, I will watch it soon I promise! In fact, Buffy: The High School Years has encouraged me to not only read the comic line but watch the show. 

stl037303-1493676590475_1280wAll-New Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were tied at a close second. I like the art style of All-New Guardians of the Galaxy and I am interested in where the storyline will go.

As for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I love almost everything in the franchise, minus the Michal Bay films, so it was guaranteed that I would enjoy this year’s free comic.

All in all, I would have to say that this was a great Free Comic Book Day, and I can’t wait for the next on in 2018!



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First impressions of Prey

hcxYh1eSThey say that in space, no one can hear you scream. Good, because if this demo is anything to go by, I’ll be screaming my lungs out.

Credit where credit is due, I think it was a smart move to release a free demo of the first hour of Prey. I for one, only had a mild interest in the game until I played the demo, now I’m tempted to get it.

Unfortunately, I’m skint at the moment so I will have to wait until either I get enough money or the game gets cheaper.

Warning, incoming spoilers for the demo and mild spoilers for the game as a whole. Play the demo for yourself before reading if you want to get the best experience.

You play as Morgan Yu, the younger sibling of Alex Yu. During some tests, things take a turn for the worst as a shadowy creature attacks one of the scientists. You wake up back in your apartment to a call from someone called January.

Untitled.pngSoon you find out that those creatures are called mimics and can take the form of anything. On top of that, you have been on a spaceship called Talos 1 for the past three years.

Just as you are getting more information from a recording you left behind, Alex deletes it. Rude.

Right off the bat, I hate the mimics. The fact that they could be anything is really disturbing to me and they like nothing more than to jump out at you when you least expect it. Yes, that does include health items.

If that wasn’t freaky enough, they take the form of shadowy spiders and can multiply after killing someone and splitting themselves into four.

I found a mimic in the toilet, and I couldn’t help but think about being on the loo and reaching for the toilet paper only for it to reveal itself to be a mimic and kill me. Prey has given me trust issues.

prey-2017-poster-1I have heard a lot of people compare Prey to Bioshock, and after playing the demo, I would have to agree. Drugs that give you superhuman abilities, your first weapon in the game is a wrench, a voice telling you what to do via a radio and mind games. Yep, sounds like Bioshock to me.

I am not complaining, as I have said before I love Bioshock, and this is pretty much Bioshock in space. Sign me up!

So far, I am pretty impressed by Prey, I appreciate that there are several different ways to complete tasks, which makes the game a bit more interesting.

While the gameplay is good, I am curious about what route the story will take. We know that Prey is about missing memories, lies and finding the truth but I want to know just how messed up it will get.

In conclusion, Prey is an intense experience and this demo has left me wanting more. With freaky enemies, immersive SciFi setting and what promises to be a twisted tale. I have high expectations for this game and I am looking forward to playing Prey as soon as I can.

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Uprising, did it deliver?

XRZ0A2HUHC191491866694380I called it!

I totally called it! I said in my last article about Uprising (If you want to read it) That they would use the designs from the comic as the skins for this event. Not only that, but I also said that it was likely that they would have a new game mode.

Man, I feel pretty proud of myself.

Jokes aside, I am in love with this event. Not only are the skins awesome but my prayers were answered, D.Va got a new Highlight intro which is adorable. Thanks, Blizzard!

Of course, the biggest talking point and without a doubt, the best element of this event has to be the new PvE. This is the closest thing we have to a story mode at the moment and I adore it. In fact, I learned that I am a pretty good Mercy thanks to it. Then again, I also discovered that I am horrific as Tracer.

uprising-genji-4a5f1.pngPutting it out there, but to get the best experience in PvE you need to play with friends as that brings a whole new level of fun. That said, it is still pretty good to play with strangers, I just prefer playing with pals. Not to mention the 20% XP bonus doesn’t hurt.

This is Overwatch‘s first event that isn’t tied to a real world holiday, and if I have to be honest I am glad they decided not to do an easter event. I don’t know how they could have pulled it off. Plus we have been dying to know more about the lore of the game for some time.

I hope they continue to do lore expanding events rather than holiday based. That said, I won’t object to another Halloween or Christmas event.

While it is still early days for this event, I feel justified in saying that it lived up to the hype. The new PvE is much more fun than Capture the Flag, in my opinion. I just hate myself for buying 48 Loot Boxes in one day. My wallet might not forgive me, but it was totally worth it!