Achievement Unlocked: Completed 2018 and resolutions for 2019

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a relaxing holiday and are ready for the new year! Because I for one am not. I reread my last three New Year Rambles and they are rather positive and optimistic, this time around I feel horrid about looking into 2019. Maybe it's because my mental health... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just two days to go until Christmas! While I ranted about how much the run-up to the holiday is horrible for me, I still love Christmas. My Christmas Spirit doesn't kick in until Christmas Eve but once it does it is here to stay. Christmas is chaotic in my house. This year 32 members of... Continue Reading →

Frostbitten Burnout

I have written a few personal articles here and there and while I debated whether or not to open up online about some topics due to the kind words and support that I received I have decided that I will continue to open up on my blog. Which brings me to the topic at hand.... Continue Reading →

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