Single And Not Ready To Mingle

Another Valentines Day I'm going to spend alone. Well, not exactly. I'm working tomorrow, but you know what I mean. Here's the kicker, I don't care. Not really. As I have said before I have never had a Valentine, so it's not like this is a new experience. However, this year feels different because I... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike

As much as I adore Dungeons & Dragons, I know there is a cornucopia of amazing TTRPGs out there. There are several I am desperate to play, but recently I finally got to have a shot at one. Kids on Bikes. Inspired by Stranger Things, this RPG lets you create and play as a group... Continue Reading →

My Reading System

I mentioned in my last post that despite loving Kings of the Wyld I wasn't going to read the sequel, Bloody Rose for a while. This is because of two reading rules I have. I know that might sound silly but they are part of my reading system that I have been working on since... Continue Reading →

No Post Today, Sorry

Only a few weeks into the new year and already things are starting to get a bit out of hand. Namely, balancing training for my new job with my current one. Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying the training and can't wait to get started on my career but trying to attend the... Continue Reading →

2020 Vision and Resolutions

I know I said last time that I wouldn't use that joke again, but I am weak for a good/bad pun. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you started the year on a good note. I just drank a lot and complained about the former year. At the beginning of the new year, I like... Continue Reading →

Life Update

So, things are changing. Firstly, I have gotten a new job! I don't start until the end of January but I am so excited! Not only is it better pay but I will also be working with books. I can't wait for my first day, a new job means new opportunities and new experiences. After... Continue Reading →

Working Black Friday

I have a love/hate relationship with a certain shopping day happening tomorrow. I work in a card shop so needless to say that this is our busiest time of the year. You see some things when working retail at Christmastime let me tell you. Christmas Eve is the worst, that is when everyone is borderline... Continue Reading →

Projects and Mental Health

I have been working on a personal project for a while now and it's almost done. It's nothing major, just something I have wanted to do for a while. You know those jackets that have patches on them? I've always thought those were so cool and wanted to make one. This year I decided to... Continue Reading →

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