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New Obsession: Don’t Starve Together

Don't_Starve_Together_LogoI was given a copy of this game a while ago but I didn’t start playing it properly until recently and now I have fallen head over heels for this game.

Don’t Starve Together is a survival game that can be played alone but is best experienced with others. You and your fellow survivors must work together to survive as long as possible.

You need to keep an eye on your health, hunger and sanity as you create a base, find food and defend yourself from the monsters that roam around.

On top of that, if you aren’t by a source of light by nightfall you are a goner as Charlie will kill you.

I have to admit it, I am horrible at this game. At the time of writing, my personal record in solo play is 15 days. Pitiful I know.

One of the elements that drew me into the Don’t Starve Together community was the lore surrounding the game and its predecessor Don’t Starve. There are a lot of unanswered questions from the games that many fans have attempted to answer through theories.

Wilson_Resurrection.gifMy go-to survivor is Wilson. Why? I just like him. I’ve tried to play as other characters but Wilson is my favourite. Mainly because I like his design and his personality that has been hinted at in the cinematics.

I have played a fair amount of games with strangers and for the most part, it has been pretty fun. However, I personally prefer to play with friends. Particularly my best friend who keeps teasing me because of how bad I am compared to her and her boyfriend. I swear, I’m trying!

During the Autumn Steam sale, I got Don’t Stave as I felt that I needed to play it. While I enjoy it, I prefer playing with friends. Although that is mostly because they keep me alive.

Don’t Starve Together is a fun game whether you play alone or with friends. Not to mention the seasonal events. I highly recommend it.

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New Obsession: Friday the 13th

jason.pngWelcome to Camp Crystal Lake, happy campers!

Okay, maybe that isn’t the right name for those who visit Camp Blood, I think the correct term is dead meat.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been binge watching not only the Friday the 13th movies but as much Friday the 13th content that I can find. Why? Well, I have become a tad obsessed with this franchise.

This is not the first time I have gotten hooked on a film series, but it is the first horror movie series I have fallen in love with.

There is an odd charm this series has which has won me over. So much so that for Halloween this year I am going as a murdered Camp Crystal Lake Counselor, complete with slit throat (bloody choker).

Thing is, the top I bought for this costume is two sizes too big for me. But hey, after Halloween it will make a great nightshirt.

Back on topic, one of the reasons that I love these films is how the characters are killed. I know that in the horror world Freddy is credited as having the most unique and creative kills, but I still prefer Jason’s as they are slightly more realistic.

66685f92a888f0d6d06e2426d33d45b7--lake-signs-hand-madeYou know these bland characters are going to die, but the fun part is how.

I will be the first to admit that these films have dated and certainly have their cheesy moments, but that is why I love these movies so much.

My favourite film has to be the first, while Jason himself doesn’t become the star of the show until the second, the first one has a decent twist and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

While Jason is an icon of pop culture, it is interesting to see how the lore around him developed from movie to movie. With each film, more elements are added to the lore but not all questions are answered, leaving just enough room for fan theories to spring up.

Like I said, Jason didn’t become the antagonist until the second film and it wasn’t until the third that he donned the hockey mask for the first time.

I love this series, and my special, special boy.

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New Obsession: Restaurant to Another World

10b117017d07aa836665f0608ef46ad11498501171_fullThis is one hell of a cute anime!

Restaurant to Another World (Isekai Shokudō) is about the staff and customers of the Western Cuisine Nekoya Restaraunt.

However, there is more to this restaurant than meets the eye. Six days a week this restaurant operates in the modern world, but every Saturday doors to the restaurant appear in a magical fantasy world.

At the time of writing, there are five episodes available with more on the way. Each episode is split into two different stories. With each story, we learn not only about the new characters but we also are shown more of the fantasy work and the history of the Western Cuisine Nekoya Restaraunt.

The animation is bright, colourful and full of life, and that is not mentioning the food. Word of warning, do not watch Restaurant to Another World on an empty stomach, you will suffer major hunger pains. Trust me on that.

tumblr_osjneuzben1wt5xqro1_500My favourite character is the darling demon Aletta, who works as a waitress at the restaurant. She is sweet, gentle and well mannered. Not to mention cute!

A close second is Tenshu, the chef and owner of Western Cuisine Nekoya. A firm but a fair man with a compassionate side. He inherited the magical eatery ten years ago after the former manager, his grandfather, passed away.

The story isn’t just about food, but rather how food makes us feel. How it can cheer you up and remind you of home. How it can give you strength to face the tough challenges life has to offer. With each character the show introduces, we are shown the different ways food helps us to live, in more ways than one.

s4Restaurant to Another World is cheerful with a lot of heart and a few laughs are thrown in for good measure. I am head over heels in love with this show. If you want a fun show that leaves a good taste in your mouth, this is the anime for you.

Enjoy your meal!

Restaurant to Another World is licenced by FUNimation and is available on Crunchyroll (sub) and the FUNimation website (dub)

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New Obession: Killing Floor 2

games_kf2_logoThis is why I love having a PS Plus membership, you get games like this for free! Well, sort of.

Killing Floor 2 is an FPS game that came out last year and was one of this month’s free games for those with PS Plus memberships.

In the game, Europe has been overrun by deformed clones known as Zeds. Most of the remaining survivors of the outbreak have fled or hidden, but a group of unlikely heroes have stepped up to fight the hordes.

You have three choices when it comes to how many waves you dare to take on. Your options are four waves, seven waves or ten waves. After defeating a wave, you have one minute to buy and upgrade your gear and prepare for the next wave.

After you have taken out all of the waves, you go up against a boss.

There are ten different perks to pick from. These perks determine what weapons you start off with and give you different bonuses. As you level up your perk you unlock more bonuses and skills to give you an edge. You can change your perk anytime you want, but I have stuck with Berserker for no reason at all.

aussieIn terms of the characters, they are all likeable in their own ways but I have two favourites. The first is Rae Higgins, an Aussie Rockabilly. I love her design and her voice.

The other character is Reverend Alberts. Why? Because he has answered my prayers, he is Scottish! This is a pet peeve of mine and I know it might sound silly, but I have always been annoyed by the lack of Scottish characters in games. There are a lot of English characters, but few Scots.

I started playing Killing Floor 2 a few days ago and I am now hooked. Funny thing is, I don’t exactly know why. Ever since I started slicing up Zeds the game clicked with me.

If I had to guess, it’s probably because of the rapid fire gameplay that forces you to pay attention or get ripped to shreds. The references to Shawn of the Dead and Monty Python And Holy Grail are a nice touch.

If you have a PS Plus membership, you need to play this game, its a hell of a good time!

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New Obsession: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

unnamedDammit, Shiloh! Stop getting me addicted to stuff!

Back in Highschool, I was really into Yu-Gi-Oh! I loved the anime, the manga and the card game. However, with every new series, the rules kept changing and it confused me. So I stopped playing the card game and eventually stopped watching the anime.

Then on Tuesday, my dear friend Shiloh asked if I had the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links app. When I said no she recommended it.

Now, I am hooked.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a lot of fun. I am still a bit rusty but thankfully I’m picking it up fairly easily. At first, I was worried that you would have to pay to get cards, but that isn’t the case. Well, you can, but it isn’t necessary as you can use gems you win.

jou.pngI’m hardly the king of card games. I’m pretty unlucky, so I tend to get a bad hand and I tend to draw cards that aren’t any use at that point in time.

At least the app gives you hints and keeps count of your LP. Back in Highschool, I had to have someone coaching me every time I played, I was that bad.

If I had to nitpick, I would have liked the option to use a customisable character. You can customise your deck so why not have a customisable character?

However, I can’t really complain. After all, they did bring back the original voice actors to reprise their roles.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links had also reignited my old love for the franchise as a whole. I recently found my old Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and started to rewatch the original anime.

Side note, why isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on Netflix? That was my favourite series, but they only have the original and the newest at the moment. Oh, and the Bonds Beyond Time movie.

While Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will appeal to a new generation of Duelists, I think it is safe to say that it was made with the original fans in mind. Because of that, this app is perfect for anyone. I recommend it if you are looking for a free way to play the card game or just kill some time.

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New Obsession: Voltron

Voltron_poster_finaljpegOnce again, I am late to the party. Well, better late than never.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is an animated Netflix original series about a group of heroes brought together by chance who must learn to be a team in order to save the universe. It is based off an 80s series which is also on Netflix but I have no intention of watching it.

Man, I love this show! I don’t know why It has taken me so long to finally get around to watching it. I started watching it this Thursday and binged 18 episodes in one day. Yeah, I might have a problem, but we have all been there.

Each of the five heroes has a giant robot lion and they can combine to form Voltron, the ultimate weapon and the only thing that can defeat the villainous Galra Empire. The five lions have different abilities to match their bonded pilots personality. The show is a good old fashioned space adventure with plenty of action and character development.

tenor.gifSpeaking of which, my favourite character is Pidge, the youngest and smartest member of the team who pilots the Green Lion. Pidge is the team’s resident tech geek, but there is a lot more to this kid than just technobabble.

Pidge is quick-witted and snarky, yet rather compassionate. This geek is a bit on the pessimistic side but determined and dedicated.

On that note, there is a bit of a twist involving Pidge but I don’t want to spoil it. In fact, most of the characters have secrets revealed about them over the course of the show. It keeps the show interesting. I would go so far as to say that the plot of the show is pretty basic, the real source of entertainment is watching the characters grow and adapt to their situation.


I went into this show fairly blind, knowing only that Shiro was the leader of the team and that the fandom gave him the nickname of Space Dad. Outside of that, all I knew was that it was popular. I am kicking myself for not watching Voltron: Legendary Defender sooner.

If you like SciFi action then you really need to watch Voltron: Legendary Defender, trust me, you will love it.


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New Obsession: Danganronpa 1.2 reload

91u0IIzPqmLI’m kind of breaking my rules on this one.

You see, I have been obsessed with the Danganronpa franchise for a wee while now. A friend of mine had Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc on PSP and let me play a bit of it. Since I don’t have a PSP I was glad to know there was an anime adaptation, so I watched that. When

When Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc was released last year on Steam, I was over the moon and bought it as soon as I could. Thing is, my laptop couldn’t run it, I had wasted my money.

Now, a year later, the first and second Danganronpa games, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair have been released together for the PS4, meaning I can finally play the games!

buttonSince it’s release six days ago I have been playing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc non-stop. Currently, I’m on Chapter five and loving it. I will admit that, since I have already seen the anime, I already know all the twists and turns which does dampen the experience a bit. After all, you are meant to solve murder cases but it is pretty easy to do that if you know the outcome. However, the game goes into way more detail than the anime.

Also, while I know some spoilers about Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair I haven’t had the entire game spoiled for me.

I don’t think I need to talk about what this game series is about, considering that it was released back in 2010 and it has a sizable following. But just to be safe, I’ll briefly go over the basics. The best way to describe the

ReloadThe best way to describe the Danagnronpa series is if Battle Royale and Phoenix Wright had a love child that was raised by Tim Burton. A group of talented students are trapped by the twisted teddy, Monokuma and are given a choice. Kill a classmate and leave, or live at Hopes Peak for the rest of their lives.

If only it was as simple as killing, you see in order to ‘graduate’ and leave you not only have to kill but get away with it. After someone is killed, you the player must investigate and find the killer in a Class Trial.

The comparison makes sense now, doesn’t it?

The main reason, of many, that I love Danganronpa is the characters. While the premise of the game is unique enough to gain a decent amount of attention, it’s the student body that makes this game series stand out.

TF.pngMy personal favourite character is Toko Fukawa, the Ultimate Writing Prodigy. As a writer, I tend to gravitate to characters who are also writers, but Toko is more than just a writer. Like all of the characters, she is a fully rounded and interesting personality. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything else about her without giving away some serious spoilers.

I hate that I like Monokuma, considering all the horrific things he does in the game, I still laugh at his jokes and can’t bring myself to dislike the fiendish fluffy guy.

There are two more games in the series that are coming out later this year, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls which will be released here in Europe on the 27th of June and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony on the 29th of September. While I am glad I that they are coming soon, I want them now!

With a set of oddball characters and a sinister plot, the Danganronpa series is certainly a good way to kill time. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Jokes aside, if you have the chance, give this game series a shot.Just remember, have hope and don’t give into despair!