[OWLS January Blog Tour] Dungeons and Character Development

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for about four months now and it is the highlight of my week. Every Monday after class I head to our pub and play with friends before I need to catch the last train home. Without a doubt, my favourite element of the game is the character you... Continue Reading →


[OWLS December Blog Tour] Practically Perfect in Every Way

This month OWLS has asked us to write about miracles in pop culture and at first, I thought about maybe writing about an anime but then it hit me, why not talk about the most magical miracle worker from my childhood? Mary Poppins. After all, what is more miraculous than a woman who not only comes at... Continue Reading →

[OWLS July Blog Tour] Mutual Mentorship

When we think of mentors, we normally think of a wise older person, particularly in fiction. You know who I'm referring to, folks like Gandalf, Yoda and Iroh just to name three. However, from my personal experience, my mentors have been my friends. Of course, I had teachers who taught me about my ABCs and... Continue Reading →

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