[OWLS March Blog Tour] Because She Cares

I must sound like a broken record at this point as, once again, I struggled with this theme. I often joke to my friends that I am bad at being a woman but I'm not exactly lying. I know that there isn't really any one way to be a woman, but I have always been... Continue Reading →


[OWLS February Blog Tour] Love Never Dies

Yes, I know that this sounds like it belongs in a Halloween ramble, not a Valentines one but my blog my rules! The theme this month is Adore but being the single curmudgeon that I am I ended up taking a slightly different take on the topic. Other OWLS folk can and will do a... Continue Reading →

[OWLS July Blog Tour] Mutual Mentorship

When we think of mentors, we normally think of a wise older person, particularly in fiction. You know who I'm referring to, folks like Gandalf, Yoda and Iroh just to name three. However, from my personal experience, my mentors have been my friends. Of course, I had teachers who taught me about my ABCs and... Continue Reading →

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