Winter Reading List

Here we are, Winter is almost upon us. I am not keen on Winter myself. This time of year tends to be rather rough for me. This Winter looks like it might be worse than any I have faced before.  Hence why I am planning on trying to escape into books, more than ever this... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: The Secret History

The Secret History is possibly one of the most hyped-up books I have read in a good while. Everyone I talked to raved about it, not to mention it is considered a must-read in the Dark Academia community that I joined earlier this year. After reading it, I have to agree with them. This book is... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: A Cosmology of Monsters

I hope you had a fun Halloween or Samhain. I sure did! Once again, I ended up picking this book up after the title was suggested on r/suggestmeabook. I asked for Lovecraftian, I got one hell of a Lovecraftian read. The Cosmology of Monsters by Shaun Hamill follows the Turner family and the misfortunes that befall... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest by Joshua Reynolds is a fantasy horror story set in the Warhammer universe. It follows former warrior-priest Harran Blackwood who is tracking a figure from his past after being sent a cryptic message. Shortly after arriving at the swamp village of Wald, it soon becomes clearer that something darker than the murky water is afoot. Dark... Continue Reading →

Horror Book Reccomendations

October is finally here! You know what that means, the spooky month is officially started. In fairness, I already started getting into the spooky vibe at the start of last month but now it's official. As a bookworm, I thought a good way to spread the Halloween fun would be to recommend some bone-chilling books.... Continue Reading →

New Obsession: You’re Dead To Me

Fun fact about me, I love history.  Back in my younger days, I read every single Horrible Histories book Terry Deary wrote and watched the CBBC show. I could rant about that show for hours but he does it better than I could. I wasn't able to take history in High School because the only permanent history teacher... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: The Truants

I don't think I have ever felt so conflicted over a book before. The Truants by Kate Weinberg is a contemporary fiction following the story of Jessica Walker, a university student. Jess is studying under a writer she admires and ends up in a small group of charming misfits.  At first, it is a blast but... Continue Reading →

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