My Bookish Pet Peeves

As much as I love to read, I will admit there are a few things that grind my gears. This is a bit of a rant due to some personal experiences that came up in conversation at work recently. I thought I would vent them out to blow off some steam. I hate books with... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: The Leviathan

The Leviathan by Rosie Andrews is a historic gothic novel set in 17th Century England. Thomas Treadwater is returning home to rest after fighting in the English Civil war. Looking forward to reuniting with his family and finding some peace at long last. Instead, he finds his sister, Esther, almost inconsolable with grief and fear. His... Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th Read-A-Like

I am so excited about tomorrow! It's Friday the 13th! I know that tomorrow is considered an unlucky day, but I tend to have a lot of good luck. That, and as a diehard fan of the Friday the 13th horror franchise, it's a great excuse to binge-watch the films.  For this Read-A-Like, I focused on horror... Continue Reading →

Reading Recap: April

How is it the end of April already? I swear, it feels like the year just started. Like the month prior, my concentration has been lacking. So I have mostly been reading shorter stories, poetry and lighter nonfiction. By the end of the month, I started getting back into the reading swing. So hopefully I'll... Continue Reading →

Reading Goals: Helpful or Harmful?

Reading goals. You can't go anywhere online without seeing them.  If you are a member of the online bookish community, you know what I am referring to. Folk who boast via GoodReads how many books they have under their belt this year alone. The aesthetic as hell Instagram accounts document the fifth book they read... Continue Reading →

Easter Reading Recommendations

Sorry for the late post today, I thought I could finish this before I had to leave for work. As you can tell, that didn't work.  With the Easter holidays upon us, instead of hiding eggs in the garden, I thought I help you to find the perfect book to read for the holiday. I... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Maybe in Another Life

One choice is all it takes to change your life.  Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid is about Hannah Martin. Despite being in her late twenties, she seems to have no set goal for her life. After years of constantly moving across the country, she returns to her childhood home of Los Angeles. Her... Continue Reading →

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