My Reading System

I mentioned in my last post that despite loving Kings of the Wyld I wasn't going to read the sequel, Bloody Rose for a while. This is because of two reading rules I have. I know that might sound silly but they are part of my reading system that I have been working on since... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Kings of the Wyld

The first book of the new year. Oh boy, what a belter to start with! Like I said in my Winter Reading List I was recommended Kings of the Wyld by several fellow bookworms on r/suggestmeabook. With so many praising this book to the old gods and the new, my expectations were rather high. After... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: A Natural History of Dragons

Part Fantasy, part science, part memoir. All good. A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan is, well just as the title says, a memoir of the world's preeminent dragon naturalist. An impressive woman who was at the forefront of researching and documenting dragons. Written by herself in her old... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Elizabeth is Missing

Who doesn't love a good mystery? Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey follows forgetful Maud, an elderly woman whose memory seems to be getting worse by the day. The only trick she has to remember is by jotting down her thoughts on post-it notes. Usually, it's your average reminders, shopping lists and notes on who... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Strange Practice

After the disappointment that was Hex, I was hoping my next read would be more enjoyable. Thankfully, the Urban Fantasy book, Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw was just that. Meet Doctor Greta Helsing, medic to the differently living. After inheriting a specialist clinic from her father, Greta looks after the supernatural residents of London, unknown by the... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Hex

I haven't felt this indifferent about a book in a while. I was recommended Hex while looking for good Halloween books and started reading expecting a lot of dark magic, suspense and thrills. What I got was a decent enough read but one I will most likely forget by the end of the year. Hex... Continue Reading →

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