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Hopes and Fears: Star Trek Discovery

STDIt is nearly here, after what feels like light years we have a new Star Trek tv series!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies as much as the next Trekkie, but in my opinion, the franchise shines best with its series of tv shows.

Star Trek, by design, is character driven and focuses on dialogue, debates and discussion rather than action. The episodic format is perfect for content like this.

Star Trek: Discovery is set ten years before the adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise and follows the crew as they discover new worlds while dealing with the threat of the Klingon Empire.

So, while we wait for the warp engines to warm up, I want to talk about my hopes and fears for this new series.

Firstly, I hope that Discovery continues to go where no man has gone before. Star Trek has a proud history of commenting on political and social issues in a nuanced yet blunt way. The best examples of this are the episodes Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (TOS), The Measure Of A Man (TNG) and Past Tense (DS9)

I hope that Discovery continues this legacy.

ShipI also hope that like the previous series, Discovery inspires a new generation. Any Star Trek fan can tell you about the people who made waves in their respective fields after being inspired by Star Trek, such as Mae Jemison.

In such turbulent times, it would be nice for Discovery to motivate the next generation to achieve great things.

Time to reveal my fears. Well, in all honesty, I only have one fear.

I can’t help but worry that Discovery has so much to live up to and it will suffer for it.

Since this is the first Star Trek show in 12 years many fans like myself have high expectations. With that being said, is it really justified?

Do not get me wrong, I hope that this show lives up to its expectations and then some, but I don’t think it is fair to the showrunners to compare it to the previous series right out of the gate.

STD2After a few episodes have aired? Maybe. After the first season has been released in its entirety? Absolutely, but not right now.

I have seen people complain about Discovery and have heard others call it the worst Star Trek show yet, and the first episode hasn’t even aired!

Come on, people. Just wait before you start your rants. Besides, we waited 12 years, we can handle one more week.

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Hopes and Fears: Voltron Season Three

5bd63b09780b9a699dbd3425d8fc080e.gifIn just a few days time, Voltron: Legendary Defender is coming back to Netflix for a third season. Hooray!

Bad news, this season will only be seven episodes long. Good news, we only have to wait until October for season four.

While we wait for the Palidans return, I want to talk about my hopes and fears for this new season.

Firstly, I hope Lance gets more development in the upcoming episodes. My two favourite characters are Pidge and Lance, in the previous seasons Pidge has had a fair amount of screen time but the same can’t be said about Lance.

On the 28th as a celebration of Lance’s birthday, his voice actor Jeremy Shada (Finn from adventure time) said that Lance grows a lot in this upcoming season. Also, Kaltenecker is coming back! I’m Looking forward to seeing both.

I hope Spade Dad returns. I think we all do. Voltron won’t be the same without him.

I am hopeful that we will get to learn more about the Galra race. At the moment, all we know is that the majority follow their emperor, they are the bad guys and there is a resistance.

lotorHowever, I for one want to learn more. What happened to Zarkon that turned him into the vicious dictator he became? Also, how will his son Lotor compare to him? Fingers crossed these questions are answered soon.

I fear that some fans might be put off by the fact that this season is only seven episodes. I am personally not that bothered, but I can see why others might stop watching the show because of this.

I am worried that as a UK viewer I might have to wait a little while longer before Voltron is available on Netflix. Sometimes shows take a few days or even months longer to be aired on UK Netflix, or sometimes not at all.

I have looked online but there is nothing to indicate that this will or won’t happen, which doesn’t help or calm my nerves.

Will all that said, I can’t wait for this season. If season three is half as good as the previous seasons, we are in for a good time.


Voltron: Legendary Defender returns to Netflix on the 4th of August.


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Hopes and Fears: Spider-Man: Homecoming

MV5BNTk4ODQ1MzgzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTMyMzM4MTI@._V1_UY1200_CR80,0,630,1200_AL_With Spider-Man: Homecoming only a few weeks away, I thought it would be a good time to discuss my hopes and fears for our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman’s latest film.

First up, my hopes.

I hope this film gives us the right balance between light-hearted comedy and character development. The MCU has a rather impressive track record for this, so I hope they keep it up.

While this isn’t the first time we have seen Tom Holland as Peter Parker, this is the first time he has played the character with the focus of the film on him. I hope he can bring us another great performance.

Time to talk about my fears.

I fear that Spidey will be overshadowed by Iron Man. It’s Tony Stark we are talking about here, he steals every scene he is in! My favourite bits in the Avengers movies where when he had the spotlight, and I worry that some viewers (myself included) will be looking forward to the Stark scenes rather than enjoying the movie as a whole.

SmhThe MCU has been doing well for itself lately, but I fear that this might end up hurting the newer films as they are expected to be just as good as the last one. I have said this before, but hype backlash is a real thing and it can kill good movies. I fear that Spider-Man: Homecoming might end up in this position if it doesn’t meet the high standards the movie going audience has for MCU movies.

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. However, I would like to know what you think about the upcoming Homecoming. Are you excited or are you indifferent? Let me know!

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Hopes and Fears: Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder_Woman_(2017_film)As a DC fan, it hurts to admit that Marvel is currently winning in the live action movie category. In terms of both financial success and critical praise, Marvel is head and shoulders above DC.

Which is why I hope with all my heart that the new Wonder Woman movie breaks the trend for DC movies.

That, and as a long time fan of the Amazonian princess, I want to see her shine in her stand-alone live action movie.

So, let’s get down to business. Here are my hopes and fears for the upcoming Wonder Woman.


Mild spoiler if you haven’t read the comics, but in many iterations of the Wonder Woman story,  Steve Trevor and Diana become a couple. From what I have been reading online it seems that this might be the case in this film. If so, I hope the focus is not on the romance but rather the two learning from each other.

353972ebeea4bfcddb668d2648641947In all honestly, I hope there isn’t any romance. Frankly, I would prefer for them to have a close bond but a platonic one. At least in this film. The romance element might be better suited for a sequel. Give us a chance to learn more about Diana and Steve as individuals, then get them together.

On the topic of Steve, he tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to character development. He is usually only around for Diana to save, a male Lois Lane if you will. Like Lois, he has been given a more rounded personality over the years but it depends on the writer. I love Chris Pine and I hope he can bring some life into Steve and make him a proper character, rather than a dude in distress.

If I wanted a gender-swapped version of the damsel in distress role, I would watch or read Witchcraft Works. Side note, it is a good title, I recommend it.

Back on topic, and my final hope is that they get the balance right between action scenes and character development scenes. While I love a good fight, it isn’t going to mean much if we don’t care about the characters involved and are not invested enough to root for them. On the other hand, this is a comic book film about a warrior fighting in the first world war, give us some awesome fight scenes!


wonder_womanDC fans, let’s admit that the bar for this film is pretty low. Considering how Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t deliver, I think the general consensus is fairly positive.  But I still have a couple of concerns.

My biggest fear that this film will have to deal with two extreme reactions from both sides of the policial scale. I am expecting some kitchen jokes but if I am being honest, the ones I fear the most are those who freaked out that Diana has no armpit hair.

Yes, that was a thing.

This is one of the first comic book films with a female as our lead that seems to be treating the source material with the respect it deserves, and people are mad about her armpits. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t understand why this was such a heated topic. To be frank, I don’t think I want to know.

I want to see Wonder Woman beat up bad guys and learn to operate in a new land, I don’t want social commentary. No thanks.

At least DC are doing a stand alone film for their wonderful heroine, and I for one can’t wait to see it. What about you? Are you hopeful, or fearful about this movie? Let me know in the comments!

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Hopes and Fears: No Game, No Life Zero

dywrmFinally, we have some news about the upcoming No Game No Life movie!

You have no idea how happy I was when I stumbled on the teaser trailer for this film. Unfortunately, it is in Japanese (Well, duh) and I can’t seem to locate an official translation. Still, I nearly burst into tears when I watched it.

Not only have I watched the anime, but I am reading the original light novel series. I say reading as each volume takes its sweet time getting here. The downside of being an Otaku in Scotland, we have limited legal anime streaming and it takes an extra month or so for DVDs, Mangas and Light Novels to be released here after they are released in the US. It really sucks.

The kanji reads “Well, let’s start playing.”

Rant aside, I glad we finally have some news about this film. According to Anime News Network, the original cast are returning for their roles. That is a good sign.

No Game, No Life Zero is due to be released this month in Japan, but there is no information regarding if and when it will be available in the west. I just hope it is soon, I have waited so long for a continuation of the anime!

If you don’t mind, I want to discuss my hopes and fears for No Game, No Life Zero


I hope No Game, No Life Zero doesn’t recap the series for newcomers. It would suck if the majority of this film was just repeating what we have already seen. The anime came out three years ago, we have had more than enough time to catch up on the story.

I hope it gets streamed on Crunchyroll as soon as possible. There are a lot of Japanese films I really want to see, such as Death Note: Light Up the New World, I am a Hero and the Assassination Classroom live action film but I haven’t found a way to stream them, let alone legally. Considering that Crunchyroll streams the anime, it would make sense to stream No Game, No Life Zero via the service as well.


Outside of this film never getting an official western release, I only have one concern. I fear that No Game, No Life Zero will conflict with the series lore and story.

You see, The anime was a very faithful adaptation of the Light Novel, but according to Crunchyroll, the story of the film is set over 6,000 years before the novel’s main story. That makes no sense to me.

Unless they are making a second series I don’t see the need for a deviation from the story. I am really confused about this development and want answers, but alas at the time of writing I can’t find any.

ee255063b56b5ae3ca9f74d65f08a1edWith all that being said, I have high hopes for No Game, No Life Zero. Like I said earlier, I am a die-hard fan of this series. If you haven’t seen the No Game, No Life anime, check it out. It is amazing. Better yet, read the Light Novel! It levels into more detail regarding Sora and Shiro’s background than the anime does.

I’m probably going to rewatch the anime in preparation for this film, I just wish that more info comes out soon. So remember, we do not stop playing games because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

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Hopes and Fears: Logan

519-film-page-thumbnailIt is a bittersweet thing, thinking about Logan. While I, like many X-Men fans, am counting down the days until Logan is released, I can’t help but feel sad knowing that Hugh Jackman bearing his adamantium claws for the last time in this film.

I have been meaning to do another Hopes and Fears ramble, but I couldn’t think of an appropriate topic. Until now, at least. So, while we wait for our bub to get ready let me tell you about my expectations and worries about his latest film.


Right off the bat, I gotta say that I hope this will have a fitting end for this interpretation of Wolverine. Jackman has been a fantastic Wolverine and I am gutted that he is now retiring from the role he has brought to life for 17 years. At the very least, I want Logan to end the legacy on a good note.

cxqaayzwiaab2l4I hope that Logan will get the balance right between action and character scenes. The X-Men franchise has had a good track record of balancing awesome fight scenes with quieter character development moments. I hope they keep on that path.

I hope Laura gets a character arc during this film instead of just being the character they need to protect. The trailers have shown us her kicking ass, which is a good start, but I don’t want another hit girl. I really want to she a dynamic to form between Wolverine and her, and for her to be a fleshed out developed character by the end of the film.

I hope I don’t get told any spoilers before seeing this film.


Obvious one out the way first, but I fear that the hype for Logan doesn’t work to its detriment. Had this been any other movie, I probably wouldn’t care if it suffered from hype backlash, but this is the end of an era that we are talking about here. It would be a shame if Logan was damaged because of this.

backgrounds_logan_outerI fear that this film will focus on gritty action and politics rather than the characters. See, ever since Marvel started writing the X-Men comics it has always been a rather political franchise. This element is still present in the films, and at times can come across as a bit preachy, especially when the professor and Magneto start talking/debating. I haven’t seen anything in the trailers to indicate that this might happen after all Magento isn’t even in this film, but I can’t shake the feeling that it could happen.

The stakes are high for Logan and I for one hope that it achieves its potential.