Hopes and Fears: 2020

I have no idea what is in store for me next year, I don't have 2020 vision. Sorry, this is one of my last chances to use that joke and you best believe I'm using it to the last second! Terrible jokes aside, this year has been a weird one. On a personal note this... Continue Reading →

The banquet is almost ready

Back in High School, when I first got into Manga and Anime my School had a pretty decent collection of Manga which was always expanding during my time there. Being frank the Libary was one of the only good things about my School but that is beside the point. The Libary became my sanctuary as... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: 2019

Only a day to go until 2019, wow. Time flies when you are stuffing your face with turkey, drinking all the mead you have and playing games until you pass out. Hands down the best Christmas I've had yet! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well. So, with 2019 only a day away,... Continue Reading →

Young Justice Will Return Next Year

Of all the upcoming content coming to DC Universe, the one I am most excited about is Young Justice: Outsiders. Young Justice: Outsiders is the long-awaited third season of Young Justice which was cancelled back in 2013 to the disappointment of fans. If I remember correctly, it was canned due to the lacking numbers of... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: The Predator

Ever since their debut way back in 1987, the Predator and his clan have become iconic not just in the world of SciFi but in Hollywood and pop culture. However, they have been absent from the silver screen for ten years. That is about to change in six days. So, while we prepare for a fight... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: Deadpool 2

Two days to go! I am not alone in my love for the first Deadpool movie, nor am I the only one hyped as hell for the sequel. Normally when it comes to films the less I see in trailers and promo the better, that is not the case with Deadpool 2 if anything I... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: Infinity War

Trying to avoid Avengers: Infinity War spoilers is ridiculously hard. Harder still is avoiding the hype, I'm already keen to see it but I'm trying to keep my expectations in check. Speaking of which, let me rant for a bit about my hopes and fears for this film. My first hope seems to have already been... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: Tomb Raider

Today Tomb Raider will hit UK cinemas, and already mixed reviews are coming in. In case you are wondering, no I haven't read the reviews, I don't want spoilers. Also while I am at it I might as well come clean, I haven't seen the other Tomb Raider films. Just looking at the posters is enough... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with festive cheer and tasty eats. I know I did, maybe I ate a bit too much but that is par for the course with Christmas. Let's be honest here, 2017 has been one hell of a year. Remember when we thought 2016 was a bad year? What... Continue Reading →

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