Mentionable Manga: Gokushufudou

I used to be an avid Manga enthusiast. A few years ago I would get at least two Mangas a month and read several online. Now I haven't bought a Manga in about four months, give or take, and I don't read many online these days. That being said, when I find one I really... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

As much as I love stories with dark concepts and questionable morality, sometimes its nice to kick back with a cute manga about roommates getting to know each other. When our protagonist's parents move away for work, Usa moves into a new place. Lucky for him, his crush Ritsu lives there too, unfortunately, a group of... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Delicious In Dungeon

Thank you, Crunchyroll Awards, for bringing this manga to my attention. Delicious In Dungeon is a fantasy-comedy in which a party of adventures lead by Laios must learn how to live off the monsters they kill as they venture deeper into the dungeon. After their first attempt to defeat the Red Dragon fails miserably sending them... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Fort of Apocalypse

Gotta love it when you pick up a Manga series on Crunchyroll and read every chapter in one day. Needless to say, I liked this Manga, but I am getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning. Fort of Apocalypse, also known as Apocalypse no Toride, follows Yoshiaki Maeda as he is framed for murder and... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Tales of Wedding Rings

Confession, I am a sucker for Supernatural and Fantasy manga, not to mention my soft spot for Harems. So, a Fantasy Action Harem manga featuring lovable characters, great art and a good sense of humour? Sign me up! Tales of Wedding Rings also known as Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari tells the story of Sato, who became friends with... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Takahashi-san is listening

Takahashi-san is listening follows Highschool idol, Ena Takahashi who has a hobby. Nothing wrong with that, everyone has a hobby, right? Well, instead of gaming or sports, Takahashi enjoys listening into her classmate's conversations. Her favourite classmates to spy on are the class representative Nara and the simple Mikage. She needs to be careful because if... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Not Lives

Not Lives follows young game developer Mikami Shigeru as he is gets dragged into the shady game of NOT ALIVE. He is teamed up with his new avatar, Amamiya Kyouka, together they must fight other players with their avatars to beat NOT ALIVE and exit the game. During these fights, the player controls the avatar... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: I Am a Hero

Manga can be pretty disturbing, but no manga has freaked me out quite like I Am a Hero. As you may have picked up by now, this series is not for those out there with faint hearts and weak stomachs. I Am a Hero is intense, brutal and distressing. Not to mention the dark themes that... Continue Reading →

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