Convention Closures Causes Chaos

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc everywhere, it seems that every day another event is being postponed or cancelled. I know it sucks for concerts to be cancelled but outside of being annoying to fans, these cancellations are having a devastating impact on a certain group. Artists and vendors. At the time of writing major UK conventions,... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Reading

Today is World Book Day! As a bookworm myself I wanted to celebrate the day by writing about the brilliance of books and try to encourage others to read more. So, here we are. Now I know that with a title like The Importance of Reading you expect that I would be preaching about literacy... Continue Reading →

Unlucky for some

I may or may not have spent the past week binge-watching horror films. Mostly Friday the 13th films. It has been 37 years since the first Friday the 13th and this franchise continues to scare us. I will be the first to admit that the original films are a bit on the cheesy side, and while... Continue Reading →

A for Autism

Yes, I know the title sucks, but I couldn't think of anything better. I'm sorry! I have never hidden the fact that I have autism, not in real life nor my articles here on this blog. I'm not proud to be autistic, but I have accepted that it is part of who I am. So,... Continue Reading →

Have Creepypastas expired?

A few days ago, I was surfing the web as usual when I stumbled on an ad for a new HBO documentary called Beware the Slenderman. The documentary is about the case of two young girls who stabbed their friend and left her to die to please Slenderman. Beware the Slenderman was aired on Monday but won't be... Continue Reading →

Witch project gets a passing grade?

October is finally here, and you know what that means. Halloween! The best time of the year. A time to lose sleep from marathoning horror movies, a time to celebrate the disturbing and a time to make your friends and family question your sanity. Although that last one might just be me. Plus that happens all... Continue Reading →

The five types of anime fans

Anime is like a drug, it will ruin your life if you get addicted. Since I have been in the anime community for a while, I have spotted a pattern with anime fans. Most people follow a set pattern when it comes to exploring anime and some go further down the rabbit hole than others.... Continue Reading →

Death Note or Death Not

Sorry for the lame title. I couldn't think of anything better. I have been a Death Note fan for quite some time, nine years to be exact. It was my introduction to the world of manga and anime, so for that reason it holds a special place in my heart. That and it is a... Continue Reading →

Disboard = utopia

I think all of us in the anime community have taken part in the discussion of which anime world would you want to live in at least once. It is always a fun topic to talk about. Also, you get to understand someone better when you learn about their ideal world. However, with the upcoming... Continue Reading →

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