Steam Powered: My Time At Portia

Once again a dear friend gave me an awesome game recommendation. Thanks, Shiloh! My Time At Portia is an Early Access game available on Steam created by Pathea Games. Following in your Pa's footsteps, you move to the small but lively town of Portia to rebuild his former Workshop and create a new life for yourself. As... Continue Reading →


Steam Powered: Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

When it comes to sequels to games I adored, I try to keep my expectations in check. It hurts when the next game in the series drops the ball. That is not the case with Orwell: Ignorance is Strength. I wrote a review about Orwell, the predecessor to this game back in 2017 and as you might have... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: Rusty Lake

Welcome to Rusty Lake. The Rusty Lake series consists of several free games and three priced games, Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake Roots and Rusty Lake Paradise. These point-and-click puzzle games are all in a shared universe and contain some rather disturbing content. I finished Hotel in a few hours. I would have beaten it sooner but I messed... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: VA-11 HALL-A

You know those games you buy on Steam, more often than not during a sale and totally forget about? VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action was one of those games for me. VA-11 HALL-A has been hanging around my Steam library for a while but I finally got around to playing it recently. I regret not playing this... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: Orwell

Investigator, time to get to work. Orwell is an Indie Simulation game by Osmotic Studios which was released back in October last year. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical of this game at first. There are so many political Indie games out there and while I love some of them, I was starting to suffer from fatigue from these... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: Beholder

Games about oppressive governments seem to be very popular as of late. Beholder is one of the few games I picked up during the steam sale, and I am really glad I did. As the new landlord of an apartment complex, your duties don't just include fixing pipes and telling those damn kids to turn... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: Party Hard

  It is a miracle, my wallet survived the Steam Autumn Sale! I only bought one game, Party Hard. Party Hard is an indie strategy game made by Kverta and  Pinokl Games. You play as a guy who just wants to get to bed, but those damn kids are making too much noise. Why call noise control when... Continue Reading →

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