The Post Con Blues and how to deal with it

Yesterday was my fourth MCM Scotland Comic Con and I had a great time! I got a bunch of merch, got to meet the lovely Vic Mignogna who even gave me a hug and even got complimented on my cosplay a few times.

However, the day after the convention has always been a depressing experience for me.

The day after the fun and excitement that is Comic Con always feels slow and dreary in comparison. After all, you just spend a full day or two with friends and others who share your passions and interests. Everyone there gets it and you feel like a part of a big friendly community.

tenorThen you are thrown back in the real world, with people who don’t get you or your interests. A world of people who might judge you or worse because you like what you like.

Yeah, it sucks.

My Post Con Blues are extra bad this year because not only am I tired, borderline broke and no longer with others like me but I kinda hurt myself via my cosplay. I went as a Moogle and had the pom I made attached to my head. In doing so my wig and wig cap were so tight on my skull that I still have a bright red almost rash looking line across my forehead. Fun.

If you are reading this, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about and have dealt with this already, but I wanted to share four tips and advice to try and help others.

365 days

Remind yourself that there will be other conventions, this one will be back next year. Instead of thinking how its over, remember that it will be back in 365 days. Maybe consider what you want to do next year and jot down ideas for your cosplay or something.


Better yet, try to avoid thinking about it. Dumb I know but distracting yourself with your hobbies sometimes helps. Did you buy a comic or a book? Read it. Watch that DVD you got.


Right this one might just be me but I find a good cup of tea helps me when I’m feeling down, it seems to have helped today to especially since I used the D&D tea I got at the Con. Still surprised that it’s a thing but there you go.


Not exactly an option for me as I’m working today but you aren’t going through this alone, chances are your pals are also feeling nostalgic already as well. Message them, chat about what you did. If you know folks who went but you didn’t meet up with them discuss what you guys did separately.

I know these tips aren’t exactly groundbreaking but I hope it helps!

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