Pokémon drinking game


The Pokémon anime has been airing for 20 years now. My, how time flies when you are capturing little monsters and make them beat up each other.

Since I enjoy a good strawberry daiquiri and the Pokémon anime, why not combine them? So lets ruin our childhood, grab your favourite drink, put on Pokémon and regret it tomorrow. I proudly present the Pokémon drinking game!

Take a drink when;

Ash puts his hat on backwards,

Ash doesn’t understand,

Brock hits on someone,


Brock cooks,

Misty has a Tsudere moment,

Someone uses a disguise, drink twice if it isn’t Team Rocket,

Blasting off again!

A Pokémon Center is seen or mentioned,

A pun is made,

A Pokémon is caught,

The gang get captured/kidnapped,

A character is in drag,




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