The Post Con Blues and how to deal with it

Yesterday was my fourth MCM Scotland Comic Con and I had a great time! I got a bunch of merch, got to meet the lovely Vic Mignogna who even gave me a hug and even got complimented on my cosplay a few times. However, the day after the convention has always been a depressing experience for... Continue Reading →


How to plan the perfect Halloween movie marathon

Halloween, the perfect time to dress up like a crazed killer, play some traumatic games and binge watch horror flix with friends. So why not throw a horror movie night? If you are too old to go trick or treating, or not exactly comfortable with the idea of ghost walks or haunted houses this is... Continue Reading →

Geeking on a budget

It is a fact of life that being a nerd, geek or otaku is not cheap. Chances are you have heard the joke 'Anime: drugs would be cheaper' and while it is true there are some good ways to get the merch you want for a better price. #1 Shop around Starting with the most... Continue Reading →

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