No Post Today

Sorry lads, no post today. Things have been a bit mental as of late, so I was unable to write something. Well, I did get something typed up, but it wasn't up to my standards so it will not see the light of day until it looks presentable. However, this wasn't possible for this deadline.... Continue Reading →

Steam Summer Sale 2020

May we hold a moment of silence in memory of all the wallets emptied. That's right, the 2020 Steam Summer Sale is on! I wasn't planning on buying much but once again, that went out the window. Especially when you got another £5 off if your basket hit £30. I ended up spending around £37... Continue Reading →

Isolation Book Club: June

This is more likely than not the last instalment of Isolation Book Club. I hope other bookworms out there took advantage of the free time we ended up with our hands. At the time of writing, I have read 24 books, 17 of which during the lockdown. As I mentioned before, books have been a... Continue Reading →

Phase in, Phase out

At the time of writing, Scotland is in Phase Two on easing lockdown restrictions. Halfway there. I am starting to worry about how the lockdown might affect me when it finally ends. Again, I am one of the lucky ones so I can’t complain. Namely, my job is secure and I’m living with family. However,... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Bloody Rose

I had high expectations for this book, I am glad to report it met them and then some. Bloody Rose is the sequel to Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. I adored Kings of the Wyld so it’s next of kin had big shoes to fill. We aren’t here to talk about Kings of the Wyld though, but if you want... Continue Reading →

Steam Powered: Do Not Feed the Monkeys

Is there a term for games that involve digital overwatching? You know, games like Beholder and Orwell? Because Do Not Feed the Monkeys is the newest one joining that category. In Do Not Feed the Monkeys, you are the newest member of The Primate Observation Club. Instead of visiting the local zoo, your club activities... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List 2020

It looks like we might have to spend the summer at home this year. While not ideal, at least we have books to transport us to new worlds. Well, being truthful, chances are I was going to sit around reading in the sun anyway. Now I just have a better excuse. A Closed and Common... Continue Reading →

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