Page Turner: DM for Murder

I was a bit unsure about writing these book discussions so often but after getting the green light I decided to just go for it. These will tend to be shorter than my average posts and I promise I will never spoil any of the books. With that being said, One of the few perks... Continue Reading →


Steam Powered: Telling Lies

The first Steam Powered I wrote in the early days of this little blog was about a game called Her Story, which I still love and highly recommend. So when I found out that the creator, Sam Barlow released his newest game I was so excited. However, after playing it, Telling Lies left a bad... Continue Reading →

Autumn Reading List

Finally, the best season is here! Autumn is my favourite season due to the beautiful colours of brown, bronze and gold everywhere. This is when you can break out those cosy hoodies and sweaters. Not to mention that this means we are getting closer to Halloween. So as the days and nights grow darker, so... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Dungeon Rookie

According to my dear Dungeon Master, Thomas, I have already made a terrible mistake as a DM. I have shown weakness by admitting I'm nervous about my role. However, now with three sessions under my belt, I feel like I'm starting to get a hand on the basics. I'm no Matt Mercer or Thomas (if... Continue Reading →

Books, Boos and Buds

What do you do when your Dungeons and Dragons session gets cancelled, go meet Darran Shan! Okay, that normally isn't the case but that's what ended up happening for me and Eilidh. After having to cancel Thursday's session last minute I was, not going to lie, really bummed out. I have been working hard on... Continue Reading →

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