Summer Reading List 2023

Summer is finally here in Scotland!   I'm feeling the heat already. Scotland is having a mini heatwave this week, with temperatures reaching up to 25°, which is remarkable for us. I even got sunburnt on my commute to work one day. I wish I was joking. However, I'm grateful for the change in weather from... Continue Reading →

Reading Recap: May

The Tea Dragon Society by Kay O'Neill Tea, dragons and gay characters. Someone managed to throw several of my obsessions into a single adorable graphic novel.  While at the market, Greta, an apprentice blacksmith, discovers an extraordinary creature known as a tea dragon. She rescues the rare animal and is introduced to the fading art... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Walk Among Us

Since I sunk my teeth into Vampire: the Masquerade's World of Darkness, I may or may not have gained a newfound love for vampires. Playing as one of these undead horrors brought them into a new light for me. The politics of this hidden world is fascinating, and I have only scratched the surface. From infighting in... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Plain Bad Heroines

This absolute unit of a book is the longest I have read this year, spanning over 600 pages.  Back in 1900 Brookhaunts Acadamy for girls because a local legend after two young girls in love and obsessed with a book started a little club for it. Unfortunately, things ended badly, costing the lives of the... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Read-A-Like

Happy May the Fourth, nerds! To celebrate this nerdiest of days, I wanted to share some novels with some Star Wars vibes. This goes without saying, there are plenty of Star Wars books and graphic novels out there. The old extended universe and novelisations of recent movies are widely available. However, that felt too easy just to... Continue Reading →

Reading Recap: April

Sorry this post is a bit late, I have been busy this week. April has been an overall good month for us. My full-time job was made permanent (yay!) plus my family and I had a week getaway to Arran for Easter. I swear, it is the most magical place in Scotland. If you get... Continue Reading →

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