Confessions of a D&D Player

I briefly mentioned in a ramble how I have become obsessed with D&D. You can blame Thomas for that. Most of our conversations during breaks in college tend to revolve around D&D. Well, I say conversations. It's more like me asking a tone of questions and bugging him constantly about it. In our last session,... Continue Reading →


Friday the 13th > Halloween

Since the latest instalment in the Halloween franchise is hitting cinemas tomorrow I figured now would be a good time to state my position on the Michael VS Jason or rather the Halloween VS Friday the 13th debate. Short answer, I'm siding with my special boy Jason. Long answer? Keep reading. Let's start with the... Continue Reading →

Good Signs for Good Omens

Don't you love waking up to a trailer being dropped for a something you are desperate to see? Good Omens is an adaptation from a book of the same name by Neil Gaiman and the late great Sir Terry Pratchett. The story follows several characters as they either prepare for the end of the world... Continue Reading →

The Doctor is almost in

The 11th season of Doctor Who is hitting the airwaves next week and I for one am excited. With this new season comes a new Doctor which has kicked the hornet's nest. In fairness, every time there is a new Doctor the fandom tends to get worked up but this changing of the guard changed... Continue Reading →

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