Autism in Video Games

Since it is Autism Acceptance Month, I figured I can get this little rant out of my system. This has been on my mind for a while, like a nagging feeling that will not go away. What is with the lack of explicit Autistic characters in video games? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty... Continue Reading →

New Obsession: The Sims 4

This is less of a new obsession, more akin to a former obsession being reignited. I've always liked The Sims. I even had the DS games when I was a kid, namely the one where you run a hotel in the desert with aliens, cults and superheroes. Ah, childhood.  My favourite was The Sims 3. I dread... Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: First TPK

Happy Easter Sunday!  It seems appropriate to tell a story about death on Easter. So, gather round as I spin you a tale about the first Total Party Kill or TPK I had. So, let's clarify something. In Dungeons & Dragons, your character will likely die. Circe, the character I had been playing in this mini-campaign... Continue Reading →

Comedy Book Recommendations

Happy April Fools Day! To celebrate this humorous holiday, I thought it might be fun to share some hilarious novels. I did my best to try had pick books from several different genres on top of being comedic reading experiences. That way, hopefully, everyone will find a book that suits them.  Popular Hits of the... Continue Reading →

Isolation Book Club: March

This is the penultimate instalment of the Isolation Book Club. With lockdown restrictions easing up in the UK I'm planning on doing just one more of these. I might continue them, but I am retiring the title. If you have any ideas for the new name, please let me know.  With that out of the... Continue Reading →

Tolkien Reading Day 2021

Happy Tolkien Reading Day! Yes, this is a real celebration. Started back in 2003 by The Tolkien Society, it's a day when fans all over the world read something written by J.R.R. Tolkien. A few chapters of one of his books maybe, or perhaps a couple of his poems? It's up to you. I only... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

I'm so sorry, but there isn't a post today. With work starting again, I have been trying to adjust to a new schedule and routine which is proving trickier than I anticipated. Mainly trying to maintain a decent sleep schedule. Plus I have been working near non-stop for my Fateless campaign. I think my posts... Continue Reading →

Brighter Days

Sorry for the late post today. Things have been a bit busy on my end lately. Bit of a short personal update today lads. Tomorrow, I am finally going back to work! I am so excited to finally see my co-workers again and get back to the best job I've ever had. I never would... Continue Reading →

Mother of Science Fiction

Since today is Mother's Day here in the UK, I thought it would be fitting to celebrate a certain woman. The woman who arguably gave birth to a new genre of literature, whose work continues to inspire us two centuries after it's publication.  That woman of course being Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the mother of science... Continue Reading →

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