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New Obsession: Camp Camp

tumblr_ou48m1uHBR1wwmhuzo1_400Like many of my obsessions, I stumbled on Camp Camp while browsing through YouTube one boring afternoon. After watching the first episode I ended up watching both seasons in two days.

The sad thing is that isn’t even my personal best.

Camp Camp follows the misadventures of the campers and councillors of Camp Campbell. Most of the time focusing on the cynical Max, outgoing Nikki, nerdy Neil and the enthusiastic councillor David.

The show also stars two other Camps who get their own time to shine, The Wood Scouts and the Flower Scouts.

While the focus is usually on the trio of campers I mentioned earlier, the rest of the cast have defined and unique personalities that play off each other very well and brings a lot of contrast and comedy through their interactions.

My favourite character is the lovable optimist David. He is genuine and tries his hardest to get the campers to have fun in the camp where he spent many happy years himself. However, while he is well-meaning in his endeavours he can be annoying and dense.

I will admit that I see a bit of myself in him. I try to make people happy but more often then not I end up annoying them. On top of that, I can be very dense at times.

Max_CoffeeMax is a close second, namely because the ten year old’s pessimistic attitude and foul language contrast brilliantly to David’s personality. Max is also the one who gets the most development over the series. He is a bitter boy and I love him for that.

Do not be fooled by the art style and plot, this is not a children’s cartoon. Outside of the cursing, the jokes are very adult. Unlike other adult cartoons, there isn’t a lot of gross-out humour. Most of the jokes take advantage of the camp setting and the personalities of the campers.

Part of the appeal of this show for me is nostalgia. I was a Girl Guide when I was younger and adored camping. So a show that both mocks and celebrates camps is just my cup of tea. Not to mention the characters who make this show worth watching.

At the time of writing, they have confirmed that Season Three is on the way and will be aired this year but there is no official date, making it the perfect time to start watching the show. In addition, all the episodes bar the second season finale are eleven minutes long. I highly recommend you check it out.



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Page Turner: Overlord

51dOuSpC3GLImagine if you could enter a fantasy world as an overpowered skeletal lord. Well, Momonga doesn’t have to.

Written by Kugane Maruyama, Overlord starts off as a long time player of the MMORPG Yggdrasil stays online on the final day of the game server before it is shut down. However, when the game world ends he finds himself in it as Lord Momonga, his character.

I just finished Overlord: The Undead King, the first Light Novel in the series. Every time I asked for Light Novel recommendations this title kept popping up, so I picked the first volume and, well, forgot about it for a bit.

It’s a bad habit of mine but I often buy books and unless I was dying to get my hands on it, I tend to add it to my growing collection and not touch it for a while until I remember it or, more often than not, find it while looking for another book and think “oh yeah, I own this” and finally start reading it.

That was the case this time around. Honestly, I regret putting off reading Overlord as it is one hell of a Light Novel.

Illustration2 001Word of warning, if you aren’t into MMORPGs then this is not the Light Novel for you, particularly this volume. Since it is the first one it spends the vast majority of the plot focused on establishing not only our lead but his followers, how the guild was made and how the world operates.

Quite a lot of the internal logic follows MMORPG mechanics and Momonga often recounts the former glory of his guild and Yggdrasil.

I love MMORPGs, so once I started reading Overlord: The Undead King I couldn’t put it down. On top of that, the lead is an interesting character and his followers all have unique and distinct personalities. My favourite side character has to be Mare.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that around the time I started reading Overlord: The Undead King my Free Company was in the process of getting us a house and I was playing a lot of FF14.

If you are looking for an interesting take on the ‘guy gets pulled into a fantasy world’ genre, then might I suggest this series. On top of the Light Novels, the anime adaptation has two seasons so if you prefer watching to reading, it might be worth it to check out the anime.

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Shoujo Anime Drinking Game

tumblr_onnbxnn9wA1smw5dno1_500Thank goodness Valentines Day is over. I’m not saying that because I am a bitter single, well that is true, but rather because now all the Valentines Day chocolates will be discounted! Whoo!

The closest I got to a date this year was in the FF14 Event where you are paired with someone to complete challenges.

That being said, even I couldn’t avoid all the lovey-dovey feelings that were floating around. But instead of trying to find the one, I stayed home, grabbed a drink and watched Shoujo anime.

You didn’t click this ramble to read about my non-existent love life, so let’s change the topic and play the Shoujo Anime Drinking game!

Take a shot when;

  • There is running in the opening.
  • “Senpai”
  • “Baka”
  • “I’ll do my best”
  • Misunderstandings happen, take two if it is a recurring plot point.
  • giphyOutfit change or transformation, take two if they turn into something that isn’t human, hybrids are included.
  • Mentions of dead parents, take two if it’s the dad
  • References to pop culture and real-world businesses, take two if it is in the background
  • Flashbacks
  • Crying
  • Engrish

Finish your drink when you get to the beach episode.

Enjoy, but please drink responsibly!

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Overwatch Lunar New Year 2018


Who’s a fun event? You are! Good Dog!

Right off the bat, I have to say that I am disappointed yet again with the lack of D.Va content. However, I am willing to give this event a pass as a new skin was released beforehand. Still, Jeff when will you start giving my main decent stuff?

The skins we did get are beautiful, my favourites being Widowmaker’s Black Lily and McCree’s Magistrate.

In terms of the updated Capture The Flag, it is a lot more fun than last years. When you pick up the enemy’s flag you can’t use any movement abilities such as Sombra’s Translocator or Tracer’s Blink. On top of that if the match ends in a draw it will go into a sudden death round and the flags are moved closer together.

We also get a competitive mode, if you place in the top 500 you get a special animated spray and player icon. If you don’t place but still take part you will get something for your effort.


I have been having a blast playing Capture The Flag, my hero of choice is Sombra as she is great for defending your flag and covering your teammate as they book it across the map.

Speaking of maps, Ayutthaya isn’t half bad. I love the duality of ancient and modern designs. Also, there are multiple different ways to get to the enemy flag depending on your playstyle.

I prefer attempting to sneak in from the sides, making a dash to the flag then bolting it. It has worked, but it does depend on whether or not your team protects you.

Overall I’m enjoying this event. I hear that it is going to be running longer than most Overwatch events which sounds like good news to me.

Good luck on your Placement Matches!

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Mentionable Manga: Delicious In Dungeon

61UjfgvQDuL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Thank you, Crunchyroll Awards, for bringing this manga to my attention.

Delicious In Dungeon is a fantasy-comedy in which a party of adventures lead by Laios must learn how to live off the monsters they kill as they venture deeper into the dungeon.

After their first attempt to defeat the Red Dragon fails miserably sending them back to square one and down three party members, two quitting and Falin, Laios’s sister, being eaten, Laios and his two loyal friends Marcille and Chilchuck return to the dungeon in hopes of saving Falin before she gets digested.

Laios decides to eat the monsters that live in the dungeon, but soon finds out he isn’t the first to come up with this idea. At the start of their adventure, they meet a dwarf warrior named Senshi who not only knows these dungeons like the back of his hand but the best way to cook up the creatures that live there.

The best way I can describe this manga is if you blended Dragon Quest with Restaurant to Another World. As you might have guessed from the title and the premise, it doesn’t take itself seriously at all. This might just be me, but the art style is reminiscent of old-school JRPGs which adds to its charm.

51OpkmLU5rL._SX347_BO1,204,203,200_The main selling point for me was the characters, more specifically their team dynamic and how they play off one another. Laios is my favourite with Marcille being a close second.

It is a rather charming manga with likeable characters and fun ideas. At the time of writing, there are only five volumes out and as far as I could tell the series is still ongoing. So if you are looking for a fun fantasy manga to sink your teeth into, Delicious In Dungeon will hit the spot.

Bon Appétit!

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Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2018

Since the Oscars and the Annie Awards are shunning anime films, again, let’s talk about the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2018 nominees and I will tell you what I am voting for.

Round one has already closed and round two is ending today, however, round three opens tomorrow. So if you haven’t voted already, you still have a bit of time left.

Also before we continue I won’t be talking about every category as I fell behind on this year’s anime so I didn’t vote for categories that had none of the animes I saw.

First up, Best Ending.

morimoeI was torn between Ishukan Communication and Hikari, Hikari from Miss Koybasahi’s Dragon Maid and Recovery of an MMO Junkie respectively.

I loved both animes and consider them my favourites of the year so it was hard for me to pick.

Ultimately I chose Hikari, Hikari as I liked the song a bit more and the visuals were a bit more interesting, dare I say reliable too.

Best Animation was also a tough pick for me. Once again I had to pick from Miss Koybasahi’s Dragon Maid and another anime I loved. Although this time it was a movie, namely A Silent Voice. I wrote a review about it a while ago if you want to check it out, here you go.

While I liked the animation and art style in Miss Koybasahi’s Dragon Maid I have to confess that not only did I love the animation in more A Silent Voice but it made me cry multiple times when I first saw it. So the clear winner of my vote was A Silent Voice. I also voted for it in the Best Film category.

The hardest category for me to vote in was Best Comedy. Again Miss Koybasahi’s Dragon Maid was a contender but so was Osomatsu-San Season 2, Gamers! and KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Season 2.

tumblr_olhfx6Y2h61tudevfo3_250In the end, I went with KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Season 2 as it made me laugh the most.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie got my vote for Best Slice of Life and will get my vote for Best Girl. What can I say, Moriko Morioka stole my heart from the first episode.

My Best Boy vote will go to Kazuma from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! as his reactions to the crazy hijinks around him and the idiots, he needs to put up with an already hilarious show extra comedic on top of that he is my favourite character in the show.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to try to catch up on my anime watch list.



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Top Five South Park Episodes

My second South Park ramble in a row, I refuse to apologize.

Don’t blame me, blame The Fractured But Whole. Not only is that game a blast but has reignited my love for the show. So much so that I started binge watching my favourite seasons.

Speaking of which, I thought I would share my personal Top Five South Park Episodes. Keep in mind that all of this is just my opinion, M’kay? M’kay.

CraigTweek x Craig

This episode reminded me of my weeb phase. Something I tried very hard to forget, Thanks for that!

The title says it all. Tweek and Craig find out that their Asian classmates have been drawing yaoi of them, leading the town to think that they are a gay couple.

Now, this might just be me being a sap, but I thought this episode had a rather sweet message to it and some great laughs.

Also, the fact they asked for and used real fanart was a nice touch.

south-park-s17e02c06-learning-minecraft-4x34 Informative Murder Porn

The children of South Park are getting concerned with their parent’s enjoyment of TV shows about couples killing one another.

It gets worse when a kid’s dad kills his mum.

So they decide to put a parental block on channels that air said shows. How do you create an effective block for parents? According to South Park, use Minecraft knowledge.

962304_originalThe Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

While playing a fantasy game at Stan’s, his parents ask them to deliver a copy of Lord of the Rings to Butters.

When they leave Randy and Sharon start watching the porno they rented, only to discover they mixed up the movies.

Needless to say, hijinks ensue.

The episode switches to the boys on their “quest” to return the film to the video store and the parents freaking out about the situation.

I feel so sorry for Token in this episode, that kid saw some terrible things.

Child_Abduction_is_Not_Funny2 Child Abduction Is Not Funny

I know people today complain about the sensationalist stories we hear on the news today, but its always been that way as this episode proves.

The parents of South Park get paranoid about the safety of their children following reports of child abduction. Fears become heightened when Tweek nearly gets abducted.

They decide the best course of action is to get Mr Kim to build a wall around the town to keep strangers out. Only for things to get worse with the next news report.

The episode keeps escalating to the point that even the kids are almost impressed by how idiotic their parents are.

Untitled1 Ass Burgers

This is the episode that made me a South Park fan.

Durning the course of Randy and Sharon’s divorce, Stan is understandably upset and is struggling to cope. However, he gets diagnosed with Asberger Syndrome because he had a flu shot earlier in the year.

Cartman gets jealous and sticks burgers in his ass in an attempt to get diagnosed too, but ends up finding out that it makes burgers taste good.

It’s South Park, what do you expect?

I know that some people find this episode offensive. Firstly, welcome to South Park, it’s par for the course. Secondly, like I said this was the episode that made me fall in love with this show.

Why? Because I have Asberger Syndrome myself. I personally found the jokes funny but what pushed me over the edge was this line.

“Of course not! If there was a social development disease, you wouldn’t call it Asperger’s! That’s just, that’s just mean!”

I was crying with laughter and punching the air shouting “They get it!” when I first saw it. That was the day I became a part of the South Park fandom.