About Nerd Rambles

Nerd Rambles is a review and analytical site about all things nerdy. It is a work in progress and should be improving over time. If you want to suggest a topic for a review, have any questions or comments email nerdrambles@gmail.com.

The writer.

Adorable art by Ashyelf

Megan Peoples is an Otaku who has no intentions of growing up. She can be found reading or re-watching their favourite shows on Crunchyroll. She always carries at least one notebook, two pens, a pencil, her 3DS and her current book/manga with her at all times.

Megan studied Practical Journalism at City of Glasgow college for two years. During this time she was asked to create a blog for an online reporting and multimedia class. However, she fell in love with running a blog so she decided to keep writing twice a week for Nerd Rambles.

Megan has Asperger Syndrome, which she claims is both a blessing and a curse. She feels that she can express her thoughts and opinions better though the written word rather than her talking, that might be one of the key reasons for why she loves to write.

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Art by Cas Burton

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