New Obsession: Resident Evil 4

As I talked about before I have recently become obsessed with the Resident Evil franchise since playing the remake of Resident Evil 2. Prior to that, I had only played a bit of the first and fourth in the series. I promised myself that once I have finished the most recent entry in the series I'll... Continue Reading →


Achievement Unlocked: Dungeon Master

Before I begin I have a quick announcement. No, Thomas, I won't stop saying nice stuff about you. It's your fault for being an awesome bloke! Last Monday I bit the bullet and took up the role of Dungeon Master for my D&D party. I wrote about the run-up to the session in the previous... Continue Reading →

Preparing for adventure

Have you ever agreed to do something only to realise that you have jumped head first into the deep end? I'm in that position right now. You see, after last weeks session of D&D, I asked my Dungeon Master Thomas if I could possibly run a one-shot some day. Not only was he up for... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Murder Gecko!

On Tuesday a very bittersweet session of D&D marked the end of an era. Nine months ago two classmates and I set up a group, later named Fates Folly, with someone I hadn't met before. The man, the myth, the Murder Gecko, Øystein. Øystein is not only one of the best actors I have ever met... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Gokushufudou

I used to be an avid Manga enthusiast. A few years ago I would get at least two Mangas a month and read several online. Now I haven't bought a Manga in about four months, give or take, and I don't read many online these days. That being said, when I find one I really... Continue Reading →

The banquet is almost ready

Back in High School, when I first got into Manga and Anime my School had a pretty decent collection of Manga which was always expanding during my time there. Being frank the Libary was one of the only good things about my School but that is beside the point. The Libary became my sanctuary as... Continue Reading →

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