The Fateless Story So Far…

This week was the 20th session of Fateless. So I figured it was about time to give a bit of an update on how the campaign is doing. At the time of writing, the Fateless party or the Pruners as they have taken to calling themselves have come face to face with the BBEG, Airtafae.... Continue Reading →

Final Fate

After two years, the Fates Folly campaign has ended. At least, for the most part. Our final session ended up being two. I'm not complaining at all since it meant I got to be Autumn for a bit longer. Didn't expect the Tuesday session to be a whopping 12 hours though. I felt like a... Continue Reading →

D&D Storytime: How it all began

Before I begin, I want to dedicate this ramble to my best friend Shiloh since today is her birthday. Hope you are having a birthday as wonderful as you, Shiloh! Looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow! I wanted to double-check to see if anyone would be interested in reading some of the exploits from... Continue Reading →

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