The Fateless Story So Far…

This week was the 20th session of Fateless. So I figured it was about time to give a bit of an update on how the campaign is doing.

At the time of writing, the Fateless party or the Pruners as they have taken to calling themselves have come face to face with the BBEG, Airtafae. It did not end well, more on that later.

Airtafae Commission by @SKETClSH

They have found connections between Rage and a Devil who is possibly working with Airtafae, found that Wravroth was being scouted by a shady group, Gentle’s little girl is alive, Veres turned his father figure into a weapon and Messer discovered that he was targeted by the Empress herself.

In the last session, they had made it to Mortia, the city of the dead. Real creative, I know but hey I am doing my best here!

Recently, I had to kill one of my darling NPCs for plot reasons. Namely, she didn’t really have a place in the story anymore. The players kept forgetting about her so I figured a good way to remind them that they have, or rather had allies was to kill her.

It took a lot of internal debates but I realised it had to be done. I am so sorry, Carydion. You were a wonderful character and who knows, maybe you will be resurrected as a PC one day.

From the ashes of Carydion came a new NPC, Lilly. Lilly, formally known as Blaard, is a Goblin Druid who was enslaved her entire life, only managing to escape after dying and waking up outside city walls. She is also a Fateless.

In my world, some folk come back after death. Most don’t realise they died, they just think they had a near brush with death. These folk are Fateless. The party is comprised of such people.

So, how did they find out she was Fateless too? Well, Veres decided to attack Airtafae and in retaliation, she destroyed their carriage with a powerful fireball. Killing Lilly in the process.

Don’t worry, she got better. She is now covered in burn marks and will for the rest of her life, but she is better. She joined the party as their healer.

On the DM side of things, I am feeling a lot more confident but the pressure is still with me. I feel like I need to be better, that I am still just average. I had a talk with Thomas and while it did clear things up, I can’t help but worry that I am letting them down.

Insecurity issues, man. What can I say, they suck and take a toll on you.

Once this campaign wraps up, I am definitely stepping down from the DM chair and will not return for the foreseeable future. Don’t get me wrong, Monday is still my favourite day due to D&D, but I threw myself into the deep end from the very start and I am simply trying to stay afloat.

All the preparation is so worth it in the end. As long as my players are having fun, then all that hard work will be worth it.

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