D&D Storytime: How it all began

Before I begin, I want to dedicate this ramble to my best friend Shiloh since today is her birthday. Hope you are having a birthday as wonderful as you, Shiloh! Looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!

I wanted to double-check to see if anyone would be interested in reading some of the exploits from my D&D group, Fates Folly. After getting the encouragement I needed, I decided to go for it.

This one is more of a set up as will the next one be so the more insane stories I share will have a bit of context behind them.

200w.gifI will be writing these from my character’s perspective and I don’t want to speak for my friends. Also, spoilers for the Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign.

So let’s start at the beginning, I hear it is a good place to start.

The founding of Fates Folly started like many a good story does, in a tavern.

A typical busy day of drinking at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. Folks boozing it up, adventurers looking for jobs and folks with more gold then sense gambling it all way.

Three individuals, strangers to each other at this point are sitting separately minding their own business. Autumn, a ginger half-elf Rogue has her nose in a book. Seemingly oblivious to those around her. That is until, the inevitable bar brawl.

The funny thing is, Autumn only joined in because she wanted to impress one of the fighters, a half-orc named Yagra. During the fight, the three strangers met on the battlefield. Balazar the Dragonborn Monk and Nishka the Kobold Ranger. Needless to say the first was a rather straight forward affair.

At least, it was until the troll showed up.

A troll from the deep well inside the tavern, hence the name, pulled itself up and tried to reak havoc but we managed to chuck him back down.

After the battle was when our characters properly met one another. Bonds started to form but easily the quickest dynamic made was between Autumn and Nishka.

giphy (2)The thing was, at the time Autumn wasn’t called Autumn. Her name was Mareya or something like that, none of us knew how to say it so Nishka in-universe after trying to figure it out said “You know what, your good at stabbing so imma just call you Stabbatha” and it stuck.

Even after I changed her name, which was before the next session, Nishka more often than not referred to Autumn as Stabbatha.

Our fight got the attention of a certain gent called Volo, a well-known figure in the world of D&D who hires us to help find and possibly rescue his friend Floon. After investigating a gang house with Kenkus, a trek through the sewers with Goblins and a fight with a Mind flayer and Intellect devourer, which we barely survived, we returned with Floon more or less alright.

Turns out Volo wasn’t going to give us the gold he promised, not exactly a shocker, but instead gave us a manor/bar called Trollskull Manor. Sweet, we now have a place to live and can even run a side business.

Now we just have to start rebuilding it, getting suppliers for the bar and deal with the ghost.

Oh yeah, turns out it’s haunted.



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