Fated End

Today is the day. It has been a long time coming.

Due to some complications with work commitments, we ended up moving our final Fateless session to today. Hardly ideal I know, but these things happen. It was either play today or wait for three weeks, it seemed like a pretty straightforward choice.

In a few hours, the Fateless party will face their final battle, one that they may not survive. I tend to hold back a little bit when it comes to combat since I didn’t like the idea of killing off a player character. Well, let’s just say I don’t feel like holding back this time. I have gone all out for the final fight. It would be an epic one. I also have a few more last-minute minor twists prepared.

The party are finally going to try to take down the evil lich Airtaefae once and for all. They have seen a few glimpses of her power and they think they know her plans. Needless to say, she has a few more tricks up her sleeve to make this showdown interesting. Will the Fateless party triumphs, bringing peace to the broken land, or will Airtaefae and her undead army destroy everything and everyone that oppose her?

We will find out soon enough.

With hours to go before the final session, I have so many mixed emotions right now. I am excited to see how this will all pan out, I am paranoid that I am going to drop the ball and that what should be an epic showdown and emotional moment will fall flat, worst of all I am fearful that I will let my players down. I am fairly confident that the latter won’t happen, but that annoying little doubt will not leave. It’s probably just a case of big match nerves.

It is still a bit surreal that it is ending already. We have been playing this campaign for about a year, time flies when the world is in lockdown. I have learned a lot from being the Dungeon Master, both in and out of the game. It has been stressful, fun and everything in between. A wild ride to say the least.

I think I will DM again, but not for a while and certainly not another homebrew game, I can promise you that. Besides, the others have been chatting about wanting to DM for us for a bit, so I think I’m at the back of the queue. Not that I am complaining, I can’t wait to be a player again and play my newest character, Zyn.

I am a bundle of nerves, it all comes down to this moment. All the planning, prep and plotting. All the sacrifices the players have made and just under a year of our lives has lead to this.

Let’s make this final session a good one.

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