Our Season Finale of Curse of Strahd

After over a year’s worth of suffering, angst and all-around bad times for our characters, our Curse of Strahd campaign had its season finale last Sunday.

In short, we decided to move on to another campaign for a while, leaving Curse of Strahd on a cliffhanger we will return to at a later date. 

Oh man, it’s been a wild one. We have all lost at least one character during this campaign and my friend Becca even lost two! This was my first time dealing with character death which sucked since I liked my good boy Zyn Zoland. Anyone who has played Curse of Strahd knows how brutal a campaign setting it is.

So, what happened in our final session?

To make a very long story short, a former member of the party that we thought might be dead turned out to be alive and was due to marry Strahd. We found out when we received an anti-invitation informing us that if we were seen anywhere in Vallaki during the wedding, we would be killed on sight. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with us as, by this point, we were more than aware of Strahd using mind control and manipulation to get what he wants and we feared he was using this on her. Spoiler, we were right.

Before all this, my character Daphne Lethe caught a bad case of lycanthropy. Thankfully she was gifted an item to help her remain in control in her werewolf form. The downside is she has no way to talk to the party yet and in this form, she can’t use spells. Considering she is a sorcerer, this is less than ideal. Worse still, they couldn’t get her into the church where the wedding was being held. We tried to convince the guards that she was a trained werewolf that was going to be given to Strahd as a wedding gift but they were not buying it. After all that she ended up being tied outside the church like a dog whose owner has stepped into a shop. Degrading as hell. She had to wait for the signal to bust in through the window like Dragon from Shrek.

The others got in and hid in the crowd during the ceremony as we couldn’t tell if the bride-to-be was doing this of her own free will. Unfortnently Strahd caught on and the fight began. I say fight, it was pretty one-sided. We held our ground decently, but even with three borderline overpowered NPCs joining the fray, we didn’t survive. 

As we lay there, either dead or on the brink of death, that is where we left our heroes. 

Our Dungeon Master has said he has some plans for our characters when we return to Barovia once again. I’m not going to lie to you, I am scared but still so excited. I’m sad that we are leaving for a spell but keen to see what our next campaign has in store for us. We are going to play Out of the Abyss with another member of our little group taking the hot seat as the DM. This will be his first time running a full campaign, so I am curious to see how this plays out. 

Strahd, you may have won this round, but we will return and either free Barovia or die trying. Most likely the latter, but we will just have to wait and see. 

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  1. Gosh, I hope our campaign doesn’t finish like that. We are currently trying to decipher our last Tarroka reading in the hope that we can face Strahd as prepared as possible. We’ve had a character kidnapped, but so far no one has died.

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