Chaotic Things D&D Players Say

This ramble will, without a doubt, be the dumbest post to date, but I want to share these with you.

For a while now, I have been taking notes while playing Dungeons and Dragons. Not the usual kind about plot twists, essential NPCs and shared inventory. Nope, not that helpful information. That’s Ben’s job, anyway. No, I have noted down the best of the off-the-wall quotes we have said during the heat of the game. After each session, I read them out to the group.

These quotes are both wildly irreverent and lack any context, which I think makes it funnier. You be the judge.

Without further delay, here are some of the best chaotic comments my D&D group have said;

“It’s your glowing personality.”
“Thats an obvious lie.”

“Why do I get the feeling we made the wrong choice?”
“This is the Underdark, every choice is the wrong choice.”

“I want cosy vibes when I murder foe.”

“That’s why I like you guys, you make me feel normal.”

“I’ve already embarrased myself, I don’t want to embarras myself futher”

“Remeber the last ooze you nearly died to?”
“Yeah, but now I’m level 3.”

“Get the dwarf to build a skateboard for the ooze!”

“I think he has made it a mission to ruin Megan’s character outline.”

“Do I get a surprise round on it since I landed on it?”

“I forgot, you forgot about it.”

“It’s not my fault you are an irresponsible pet owner.”

“I use a bonus action to cry.”

“Ah yes, a make-believe jelly cube is our best friend.”

“Such a cute little muder machine.”

“This is the one wererat that watches Ted Talks.”

“I like how we are getting a sword as a moderator.”

“No thoughts, only sword.”

“We are collecting demon lords like pokemon.”

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