Final Fate

After two years, the Fates Folly campaign has ended. At least, for the most part.

Our final session ended up being two. I’m not complaining at all since it meant I got to be Autumn for a bit longer. Didn’t expect the Tuesday session to be a whopping 12 hours though. I felt like a zombie afterwards but man it was satisfying.

After (barely) surviving the fight with the Mad Mage and getting the item we would need to take down Atropos, an evil entity that ate worlds for fun, our party arrived in one piece back at the Yawning Portal pub.

There, we were reunited with the one and only Murder Gecko himself Niskha and his partner Chasmin. It was an overly sentimental moment for us as we hugged and caught up with each other’s exploits. It was wonderful having him back with us after a year. Man, we have missed him.


While we wanted to chat more, there was the whole end-of-the-world issue to deal with. So the party split off in search of aid.

At the end of the Monday session, Autumn was given an ultimatum. There would be an army of 100 trained Elves if she promised to take the throne. Yeah, the throne she has been running from her whole life. I had so many mixed feelings.

On one hand, the aid would be helpful and it did seem like a good way for her to finally accept her destiny and all that. On the other, this was Autumn we were talking about. She abandoned her people years ago and doesn’t believe she would be a decent queen, she wants her freedom more than anything.

In the Tuesday session, after gathering all the offers available the group decided that Autumn’s wasn’t as good as the others and was thrown out almost immediately. Bit anti-climactic, not going to lie. In-universe Autumn was relived. Megan was conflicted but what we ended up picking seemed to work since well, we won.

Thankfully, the final fight was pretty good for Autumn. Since Ezekiel was doing the most damage, Autumn was mostly ignored. She managed to banish one of them and finished another off using Dragons Breath. I can’t help but imagine that she enjoyed that a bit too much.

Once again, Zeke was overpowered and lead us to victory again. Øystein joked that it was an easy fight and for the most part I agree. It could be summed up by this clip.

Then, we hopped on the back of a dragon and travelled to space. Yes, space. In order to properly destroy Atropos, we needed to kill his source. Thanks to the item from the Mad Mage, that proved easier than expected too.

We only had two deaths, and they were NPCs. We also managed to bring them back, so happy ending for all.

Zeke wanted to die a hero in space, but thanks to Potion calling in a favour from Lathander, he was dragged back alive. Much to Ben’s dismay and everyone else’s amusement.

As our heroes partied to celebrate their victory, Thomas decided to throw a curveball. Announcing that Tiamat, the dragon god bursts onto the scene with Manshoon on her back. He yelled out that he wasn’t done yet and will get his revenge.


We all lost it.

Thomas said he wanted us to play the Tiamat adventure at one point, hence this secret ending as I like to call it. I honestly thought for a few seconds he wanted us to fight her at half 2 in the morning!

Overall, it was a great final session.

I already miss Autumn. I know that I will play as her again but not for a while. She was my first character so she will always be special to me. In fact, so will the Fates Folly campaign in general. I have learned a lot not only about the game but also character creation and roleplaying. Still working on the voice acting part, but it’s a learning curve.

Speaking of learning curves, soon it will be my turn to helm an adventure. I have been working into the wee hours of the night planning and prepping. It seems we won’t be playing this coming Monday so I have another week to polish Fateless.

Farewell, Fates Folly.


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