(Don’t) Open Your Eyes

Normally ASMR is relaxing. Not this time.

While mindlessly browsing online I stumbled across this indie game and decided to give it a go.

(Don’t) Open Your Eyes is a short horror game made by Via. You play as someone who just wants to get some sleep but get an uninvited visitor. It keeps talking to you, begging you to open your eyes.

The game is told through text, voice acting and sound effects that work best with headphones to create an unsettling almost ASMR experience.

The art in the game really helps with the creepy atmosphere as the sketchbook design of the creature makes it feel otherworldly. A couple of times it will ask you a question, and your response determines how the creature will change with 27 possible combinations.

With each different option, the creature says different lines, each as creepy as the last.


It is a short game, as it can be completed in about half an hour to an hour. Hence why this is a short review. Shortest I’ve done in a while, but I felt like this game deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten so far.

Don’t worry if you hate jump scares, I do too so I am glad to report that (Don’t) Open Your Eyes doesn’t have any. It doesn’t need to, it’s a great game that doesn’t need to rely on such cheap tricks as jump scares.

If you are looking for a short unique game to play, might I recommend (Don’t) Open Your Eyes for your consideration?

(Don’t) Open Your Eyes is available to download from here for free but you can donate to the creator if you so chose.

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