[OWLS March Blog Tour] I’ll Carry You

Devotion. More often than not when you hear that word it’s referring to either romantic partners or spiritual faith. However, my knee jerk reaction to this months topic was an example of neither. Rather a case of someone so devoted to a dear friend that they would cross the earth to help them. Because one does not simply walk into Mordor after all.

I am of course referring to the bond between Samwise Gamgee and Frodo Baggins from The Lord of The Rings.

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Before we continue I want to make it clear that I am mainly talking about the movies since, and don’t throw me into the fires of Mount Doom for this, I haven’t finished the books. I have only read The Fellowship of the Ring so far and I am currently reading The Hobbit but I have made a promise to read the rest by the end of this year.

Also, major spoilers for all three films and in turn more than likely the books.

Right from the start, Sam stood by Frodo. Even though he was absolutely terrified and had never left the Shire before in his life, he ventured out to be there for Frodo. As the fellowship fractured and drifted in different directions, Sam stayed. Why? Because he was devoted to his dear friend.

Sam was, in my opinion, the most devoted member of the Fellowship. He had several chances to up and leave, missing his home and the safety it provided. Yet even when he does leave, he ended up coming right back, just in the nick of time too.

Let us not forget, he was the one who faced his fear of his own free will sooner than anyone else, swimming. It’s a bigger deal in the books since many Hobbits hate water. The fact he took the plunge for Frodo so early showed him how loyal he was. Not only to the cause but to Frodo as a person.


Ultimately, Sam was just as vital a part of the destruction of the ring as Frodo. Being there for him and having faith that he could fight the corrupting power long enough to see the job done.

It’s the same with real life, minus the whole cursed ring aspect. Well, maybe that is part of your life and if so good luck with that. But standing by those closest to you when even they don’t believe in themselves can never be overstated.

Should we be lucky enough, we have someone in our lives who love and support us no matter the odds. Whether they are a relative or a close friend, I am sure everyone has someone in their corner. Even if they don’t completely understand our situations, they will do everything in their power to help. That’s what I think of when I hear that iconic line.

“Come, Mr. Frodo!’ he cried. ‘I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you.”

We all have a burden to carry, but with someone beside you to help lighten the load, it is a lot more manageable. Platonic devotion isn’t “I’ll dedicate my life to yours” but rather “Hey, I’m here and I am going to stay here for you” and you should feel the same way, it’s more like a platonic partnership at times.

These people are the ones who keep us going even if we want to call it quits. The ones who are there until the end. I am lucky, I have someone like this and she knows who she is. She has been there to knock some sense into my head for years, there is no one else I would rather have by my side in this chaotic journey called life.

Platonic devotion comes in many forms, but all of them are wonderful and should be cherished.

Thank you so much for reading! I know I ended up going down a different route by the end but I hope you still enjoyed reading this OWLS Tour. If you haven’t yet, please check out Aria’s post Pledging Devotion in Fate/ and Its Spinoffs. Also, keep an eye out for Matt’s post coming on the 17th.

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