[OWLS December Blog Tour] Confessions of a Scrooge

I was planning on writing this confessional but when the OWLS tour for this month was announced I decided to combine them! As the title states, I am a Scrooge, or a Grinch if you prefer. Not completely but let me elaborate. Working in retail around this time of year really exorcise the Christmas spirit... Continue Reading →

[OWLS November Blog Tour] Failure and Friends

Failure sucks. It can throw you through a loop and can happen just as you are within reach of a long sought after goal. Without a doubt, the hardest part of failure is trying to get up after being knocked down a peg or two. Sometimes even the mere thought of failure can dishearten someone... Continue Reading →

[OWLS October Blog Tour] Changing Seasons

There are many ways we can interpret the word, fantasy. For example, we can talk about how a fantastical place could glorify what reality should be or the dangers of ideal expectations. Fantasy could also be seen as taking a “wild journey” or a “hallucination” and how that can affect our psyche and well-being.  Fantasy... Continue Reading →

[OWLS June Blog Tour] An Open Blog

Not sure if that pun works. Oh well, I like it so I'm keeping it! When it comes to these Tours I tend to either spend days trying to come up with an interesting angle on the prompt or I get stuck with an idea faster than Zeuz's lighting blot seconds after reading it. Thankfully... Continue Reading →

OWLS May Blog Tour: I choose Joy

Before I get into this month's tour, I need to warn you that this will give away major spoilers for The Adventure Zone podcast. Namely the Balance Arc. Please listen to it before reading any further as it is a wonderful podcast. You don't need to be into Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy it. If... Continue Reading →

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