Finally Time

It’s almost time, at long last the Final Fantasy VII remake is here!

Now, I myself have only played Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV but since a few of my friends are massive Final Fantasy fans I have heard nothing but praise for Final Fantasy VII. That and it’s a beloved game that most gamers I talk to seem to hold in high regard.

So naturally, I was curious about it. I have played a bit of the original but it didn’t connect with me. I got about a seventh (no pun intended) of the way through before calling it quits. I hate to be one of those gamers but I really can’t get behind games with seriously dated graphics and locked camera. I know I sound like a brat but its the truth. At least I gave it a try.


I figured I missed the boat but would be able to get on board with the remake.

Yeah, if the demo is anything to go on, I am going to love it.

If you haven’t played the demo yet, I recommend you do so. You get to play through the first powerplant level which gives players a taste of Cloud’s personality, hint at the overall story and a good grasp on the combat.

Speaking of combat, I like the system they went for. It does remind me a bit of Final Fantasy XV but without the zipping and zooming all over the place that I really disliked.

It seems that I won’t be the only one who doesn’t know the exact story beat by beat as apparently, this version will include a lot more content to expand the game and the world. The co-director, Naoki Hamaguchi has stated that “The original game was grounded in the technology of the day. And because of that, there was a lot of storytelling that the player had to fill in with their imagination. In the original, for example, when you travelled between areas, the screen would fade to black; players didn’t see the journey.


“The story would have moved on and what actually happened in the meantime would be left to your imagination. We approached this by thinking, what is actually supposed to be happening here? What are the gaps it doesn’t show you, and how do we fill those in to make what was being implied actually shown?

“[In the original] there’d be hundreds of things happening in that one night. It feels very weird. We had to find a more realistic way of arranging that story.”

Overall, I am excited. I can’t wait to start playing the full game, thankfully it’s only a month away now. I have my copy preordered, good thing it comes out on my payday.

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  1. I am really worried I will not like he Stagger Mechanic, I hated in in Final Fantasy XIII and from the Demo it kind of seems like you really need to be somewhat specific in what materia and stuff to use to get the stagger. I hope they will balance it.

    Part of what I would like to see is how someone with skill can take on bosses underdeveloped by dodging and blocking well. I do hope we d not need Lighting II to stagger an enemy or a certain level to burst enough.

    Other than that I really look forward to returning to this world… but I have another world to go to on Nintendo Switch that might eat up all my time.

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