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Alice in Hollywoodland

Yes, I know the title is cheesy, but what do you expect from me?

Disney have released a trailer for the new Alice movie. Oh Joy. I liked the first one but after watching it a second time I realised I just got swept up by the visuals. The rest of the film isn’t very good. So, I will not be going to see the new film.

Even the current Alice seems bored of the new adaptations
Even the current Alice seems bored of the new adaptations

Obviously this is not the first time Alice in Wonderland has been adapted into film before. There has been a care bears version, many horror versions and some Alice dating sims. Yeah, that’s a thing. Heck, there were two star trek episodes with Alice and her friends! I would bet that there will be lots more movies, games and tv shows made, perhaps not now, but in the future. While I do like and even love many of these adaptations I have to admit that I am getting a bit sick of all these new adaptations.

I for one am getting rather tired of the “turning something innocent into something dark” trope. It’s rather lazy and unoriginal. Don’t get me wrong, if done well it can be very effective. Handled incorrectly, and you get a predictable and dull adaptation. What is worse is when you alter the tone and the message to a point that the only thing it has in common with the books is the names of the characters.

May 31st, 2011 @ 16:51:22
Dispite what I said, Alice Madness Returns is one of my favourite adaptations

I am a Tim Burton fan (My Jack Skellington plushy always keeps me company by my laptop) but even I have to admit that his Alice movie was pretty weak. After all, Alice is a meaningless story about a girl going on a walk around a surreal world with interesting characters and weird situations. Burton changed all that into a chosen one/war movie. Lame. Burton, you can do so much better.

Frankly the main reasons that Alice’s story get adapted so often is because everyone knows the story (due to over exposure) and it’s in the public domain. It’s as simple as that, which is sad to say. It’s the same reason that there are countless adaptations of the Christmas carol. It’s an almost guarantee that you will make money from those types of movies. That’s also why Disney is remaking everything from Dumbo to the Jungle book. It’s a familiar product that has a pre-existing fanbase who will cough up the money to see it and buy the merchandise and it can easily attract those who haven’t seen or read the originals. It’s the same logic behind comic book movies.



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