A New (Reading) Challenge Approaches

I know 2022 isn’t quite over yet, but Popsugar has already released the prompts for the 2023 Reading Challenge. I thought I might as well start preparing now so I can get off to the best possible start next year. 

At the time of writing, I have read 42 out of the 50 prompts for the current challenge. I am holding on to the hope that I might finish the year having ticked every box off, but I am trying not to get too stressed out over it. Easier said than done, I mean it is me we are talking about here. I do take failure pretty hard. Overall, it has been fun and has given me an excuse to read a bunch of books I might not have read. 

So, I am making a list and checking it twice to find a bunch of books to hit next year’s prompts. They are rather tricky this time around. I mean, one is to read a book by an author with the same initials as me. The only one I know of is Michael Palin, and his kind of books are not the sort I care to read. If anyone knows any good books written by someone with the initials MP please let me know! 

I also have to read a book I read more than 10 years ago. Mate, I barely remember what I ate for breakfast, just how am I meant to remember that? Not to mention my taste in books has changed a lot since I was 16. Would it be cheating to reread one of my favourite mangas from back then?

One is to read the longest book by pages on my TBR list. Oh man, I think that one is about 800 or something. I think I am going to start with that one first to get it out of the way early. 

Many of them are straightforward enough, like reading a book with a colour in the title, set in Hollywood, a modern retelling of a classic and so on. I am confident that I can handle those. As sad as this sounds, along with my list, I am already checking my shelves for books I haven’t read yet but meet the prompts. My bad habit of buying books and not reading them for ages is well-documented at this point. I think most readers are guilty of this.

I am looking forward to this challenge, so bring it on! 

If you care to join me on this challenge, here is the official list.

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  1. Good luck with the Popsugar Challege for next year! 🙂 I’ve never done this challenge before but seeing the prompts (thank you for the link) I might like to take part. 🙂

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