Today’s ramble is just a bit on the short side, as I wanted to share a little milestone with you guys.

Last Sunday, my D&D group celebrated our “Strahdaversary”. We have been playing our Curse of Strahd campaign for a year now. Time flies when you are fighting for survival in brutal Barovia.

So far, our kill count is 14 named NPCs, two of them being rather vital that we failed to keep alive, a whole town, three player characters and countless monsters. Honestly, I am surprised we have only had three player deaths a year into this game, with my character Zyn counted among the dead. Mostly because we keep failing to learn the lesson that fleeing from a fight is sometimes the only real option, we are stubborn, although I prefer the term determined.

A year might sound like a long time, but in D&D, it isn’t much. We are about halfway into the Curse of Strahd module with plenty more trama, death and horror awaiting us. Strahd is nowhere near done with us, unfortunately. 

As sad as this might sound. D&D has become a bit of a lifeline for me. A chance to escape reality for a bit with friends as we get to be other people for a few hours. It has become the highlight of my week ever since I started about five years ago now. It is everything it is cracked up to be and more.

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