Achievement Hunter Drinking Game

tumblr_mna574otCX1qhkbteo1_500I have fallen head over heels with Achievement Hunter as well as Rooster Teeth in general. I started watching their content about three months ago and since that day I have been hooked.

So I figured, why not make an Achievement Hunter Drinking game?

Before we start I need to remind you to drink responsibly, don’t sue me. Are we clear? Yes? Great! Leeets play!

Take a shot when;

  • Micheal loses it, take an extra shot if its because of Gavin
  • Gavin squawks or makes any kind of weird noise
  • Lindsey spreads chaos, take an extra shot if Micheal calls her out for it
  • Gavin is extra British
  • Jack laughs
  • Geoff messes with someone, take an extra shot if it is Gavin
  • Micheal judges everyone


MOON BALL! Take an extra shot if it hits someone, drink for everyone and everything it hits.

giphy (3).gif

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