My Bookish Pet Peeves

As much as I love to read, I will admit there are a few things that grind my gears. This is a bit of a rant due to some personal experiences that came up in conversation at work recently. I thought I would vent them out to blow off some steam.

I hate books with adaptations on the cover. Instead of a design representing the book, it’s the poster for the film or tv adaptation. This often gets my back up. It’s lazy and can date the novel as quite often, books tend to outlive adaptations. 

Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to add stickers you can’t remove to books? Those promoting another book by the same author or something along those lines. Worse still, ones you can remove, but it will damage the cover. Do you know those beautiful Penguin clothbound classics? I found one that had a massive sticker on it one time, right on the print. If you tried to take that off, it would damage the design. 

This is something about newer books I have noticed and despise, the blurb being inside the book. The whole point of the blurb is being able to pick up a book, glance at the back for a brief description of the plot and use that intel to decide if this novel is worth reading. For newer hardbacks, the back of the books now tend to be praise for the book from other authors and reviewers. I could not care less as I simply want to know what this book is about! I don’t want to hunt for a plot outline! This might be me, but I find it a tad awkward to open a book up in a shop only to put it back. I don’t know it seems kind of rude to me.

I am glad to say I haven’t encountered many of these folk, but the readers who look down on others and judge what they like to read. I had someone tell me I lacked taste in “proper literature” because I hadn’t read Jane Austen’s work yet plus I loved Wuthering Heights over some other gothic novel that she deemed superior. Sure, you can like what you like, but why insult someone else’s source of enjoyment? I have my opinions on popular books that I think are overrated or maybe even worse. Do I tell folk who like them that their opinion is wrong? No, of course not! That is a jerk move that only makes you look like a pretentious prick. Individuals who do that deserve to be whacked on the back of the head with the thickest hardback close to hand.

On the other hand, people who brag about not reading since school. Okay, do you want a medal or something? Why are you saying that like it’s an achievement? Are you trying to insinuate that reading is lame or a waste of time? Again, you can find pleasure where you like, and I have my own source of joy. There is no reason to compare or insult someone’s hobbies. If you don’t like reading, fair enough but don’t try to belittle it for others.

There are some more but I think I have taken up enough of your time today. Is there something that gets under your skin about reading? Please vent in the comments and I might make a part two if anyone is interested. Perhaps I could include some of yours and we can rant together?

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  1. I am completely with you on the adaptations book covers! I also dislike it when the covers have text on the cover saying ‘now on Netflix/Amazon’ etc. I have Witch and Wheel of Time books with those sort of phrases on the cover in colours that clash with rest of the cover’s colour scheme.

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