Skyrim > Fallout

13270Right, time to ruffle some feathers.

While the gaming side of the internet is foaming at the mouth about Fallout 76, I’m betting that it’s going to be an online game, I can’t help but be a bit bitter about the lack of Elder Scrolls content.

I know there is an expansion for Elder Scrolls Online but outside of FF14 I barely play MMORPGs these days, since I have less free time than I used to I can only dedicate myself to a few games at a time.

Anyway, in my opinion, Skyrim is a better game than Fallout. Let me make my case. Also, I feel that I should mention that the only Elder Scrolls game I have played at the time of writing is, well, Skyrim. When I finish it I’m going to get my hands on Oblivion.

I used to love Fallout, in fact I played Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and 4 before I finally got my hands on Skyrim. However, after being given a copy I quickly changed teams.

5c1df4843b52ad99ac3c16bc87b9e4f0Firstly, the tone. In Fallout the world has already gone to hell and everywhere you go you are reminded of how good things used to be before it was nuked. There is little hope left and it makes you feel like no matter what you do, you can’t really do anything to help.

Franky, its kind of a downer. I get why people would be into that, but I already feel insignificant in my everyday life as is, don’t need that existential crisis in my games too.

In Skyrim however, while the war is raging on there is still hope. You are the legendary Dragonborn, you can make a true difference. Even in the small isolated villages, people have hope. You are in control of your own destiny.

Also, I would have to say the stories in Skyrim, both the main one and the side stories are far more interesting than the ones in Fallout. On top of that, the factions in Skyrim are so much cooler, looking at you Dark Brotherhood!

c46b1118bc3616c9ef8512b667ecf600In terms of the combat systems, while I like VATS, Skyrim wins again. You can’t compete with using a war axe in one hand and shooting fire out the other. Not to mention the shouts.

The last thing of note is the music. I like Fallout‘s soundtrack fine but nothing beats the grand masterpiece that is the Skyrim OST. Noting makes me feel like more of a badass than facing of a dragon to that music.

All in all, I do like Fallout, don’t get me wrong, but of the two my heart belongs to Skyrim. After a long day of getting insulted by aggressive customers its amazing stress relief to shout your enemies to bits.

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