Friday the 13th > Halloween

Since the latest instalment in the Halloween franchise is hitting cinemas tomorrow I figured now would be a good time to state my position on the Michael VS Jason or rather the Halloween VS Friday the 13th debate.

Short answer, I’m siding with my special boy Jason. Long answer? Keep reading.

tumblr_o754gmltyh1udh5n8o1_400Let’s start with the big elephant in the room. Yes, Halloween came out before Friday the 13th. However, I don’t think that is enough to declare Halloween the king of the Slashers as dare I say it wasn’t the first slasher as I have heard some people claim.

If we are going my dates alone, the first Slasher was Bay of Blood which came out in 1971, seven years before Michael hit the scene. In fact, in Friday the 13th Part 2 there are two kills that pay homage it.

With that out the way, let’s talk numbers. In particular counting the kills each of them have racked up. Now, this is slightly unfair as there are only eight Halloween films (not counting Season of the Witch) while Friday the 13th boasts eleven or twelve depending on if you count Freddy VS Jason or not. So to try to even it out I’ll just count the kills in the first movies.

Michael kills seven if you include the two dogs, which I don’t so that makes five. Meanwhile, in Friday the 13th Pamala kills nine and gets killed herself which brings the total to ten. Point to Friday the 13th.

That is all well and good but ultimately this is meant to be an opinion conner yet here I am just repeating facts and numbers, so here goes.

The reason I prefer the Friday the 13th series is that for the most part, the kills are more creative. Jason has gotten changed so many times yet I think it’s for the best because having a killer that never changes is dull. Look at Nightmare on Elm Street and how creative it is, how Freddy brings something new to the table every time.

giphy (1).gifHeck, even Child’s Play, a series I don’t care for, does a better job at making an interesting and creative killer.

Unlike Chucky and Freddy, Jason and Michael don’t get the chance to show off their personalities outside of their kills.

To be fair, they don’t really have personalities in the first place, but you know what I mean.

When it comes to Slasher films, the selling point is the kills they offer. Friday the 13th simply has better ones.

Subjectively, I find the idea of being in an isolated area in the woods with a killer stalking among the trees scarier than someone stabbing people in the city.

Who’s side are you on? Please let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th > Halloween

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  1. I’ve watched the Friday the 13th movies (especially 1-5) more times than I’ve watched the Halloween movies, so it looks like I’m on Jason’s side. However, I do appreciate the fact that every entry in the Halloween series has a “slick” quality to it, and that they haven’t devolved into pure parody like Jason X or Freddy vs Jason.

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  2. Hmm.. I think Michael’s ‘lack of personality’ is what makes him most frightening. Yes, it seems as though he lacks any kind of human condition and emotion but when you really think about it that’s why he’s so terrifying. He’s a cold, heartless killer. He doesn’t even have to say a word, his mere look is what scares you. Yes, Jason beats him by body count and I’ll give him the creativity but I just didn’t find Jason scary. Don’t get me wrong, I too find being isolated in the woods scarier but Jason wasn’t.That being said, I do agree that Jason wins in creativity in regards to the kills…

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