New Obsession: The Adventure Zone

In the last couple of months, I have gotten obsessed with D&D. I had played once years ago and while I had a blast I never got the chance to play again.

Thankfully for me, my college friend is really into it himself and we have even started our own D&D team with him as the DM, another college pal who hadn’t played before and a veteran as I like to call him.

I’ll talk more about that in the next ramble, as not only has he gotten me into D&D properly but he also introduced me to my new favourite podcast, The Adventure Zone.

The Adventure Zone is a podcast from brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, and their father Clint McElroy in which they play D&D together. I know that might not sound groundbreaking considering how many D&D podcasts and shows there are online but this one is by far the funniest.


No, really I have had to shove my face into my jacket while listening on the train to hide my laughter more than a few times since I started listening.

To sum up the story as best I can (considering there are 93 episodes and 11 bonus episodes on top of that) three adventurers the Elven Wizard Taako (Justin), Human Fighter Magnus (Travis) and Dwarven Cleric Merle (Clint) must work together to collect powerful relics that threaten their world.

I can’t stress enough how funny this podcast is. I would quote some of the jokes here but frankly, it would not do them justice. As someone who has to take two trains to get to college and walks two hours to get to work a hilarious nerdy podcast like this is a godsend.

Taako has to be my favourite character by far. I just love how heroic the other two are at times and he doesn’t care. He also has the best onliners and wisecracks.


Honestly, it is seriously impressive how much they have done in only four years. The show started back in 2014 and is not only a popular podcast but has two graphic novels and even had Lin-Manuel Miranda guest star in one of their bonus episodes!

Even if you aren’t a D&D player I still highly recommend The Adventure Zone. You can listen for free on the Maximum Fun website or any podcast directory. I’ll leave you with a taster of the show below, enjoy!

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