Hitman 2: What Do We Know?

In two days everyone’s favourite Hitman is returning.

I have said this before, but I loved the previous game. So when it was announced that a sequel was on the way I was ecstatic, then it was announced that it would be out later on in the year. While I can’t afford to get it, I am going to grab a copy as soon as I can afford to.

So, what is the deal with the sequel?

472.jpgFrom what I have gathered, the story will pick up from the events of the previous game with Agent 47 hunting down the Shadow Client.

Unlike Hitman, this game will not be episodic. On one hand, I liked the episodic nature of the previous games as it gave me an excuse to perfect every level before the next one came out.

On the other hand, it means we get all the context right out of the gate which I can’t bring myself to complain about.

What I am most excited for is Ghost Mode. In Ghost Mode you and another player race to kill your targets. First to five points wins. Easy right? No.

You see, only Unnoticed Kills count and if the body is found then you lose a point. You also lose a point for killing anyone who isn’t the target.

The locations in this Hitman 2 are Hawkes Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgàil and one classified location.


There is one more location, Himmelstein. This location is the host of Sniper Assassin, a pre-order bonus you can access now or you could buy the Silver Edition which includes not only Sniper Assassin but also the Executive Pack, which includes an additional pistol and briefcase, plus Expansion 1, which brings a new location, with new missions, sniper map, outfit, and weapons.

I normally don’t buy special editions. Mainly because I’m a cheapskate, but I am tempted to grab the Silver Edition only because of Sniper Assasin.

Then, of course, the first elusive target is none other than Sean Bean. He will be available in the game until the 4th of December.

All in all, I am hyped as hell for Hitman 2. Until I get my copy I’m going to replay Hitman to brush up on my assassination techniques.


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