Shoujo Anime Drinking Game

tumblr_onnbxnn9wA1smw5dno1_500Thank goodness Valentines Day is over. I’m not saying that because I am a bitter single, well that is true, but rather because now all the Valentines Day chocolates will be discounted! Whoo!

The closest I got to a date this year was in the FF14 Event where you are paired with someone to complete challenges.

That being said, even I couldn’t avoid all the lovey-dovey feelings that were floating around. But instead of trying to find the one, I stayed home, grabbed a drink and watched Shoujo anime.

You didn’t click this ramble to read about my non-existent love life, so let’s change the topic and play the Shoujo Anime Drinking game!

Take a shot when;

  • There is running in the opening.
  • “Senpai”
  • “Baka”
  • “I’ll do my best”
  • Misunderstandings happen, take two if it is a recurring plot point.
  • giphyOutfit change or transformation, take two if they turn into something that isn’t human, hybrids are included.
  • Mentions of dead parents, take two if it’s the dad
  • References to pop culture and real-world businesses, take two if it is in the background
  • Flashbacks
  • Crying
  • Engrish

Finish your drink when you get to the beach episode.

Enjoy, but please drink responsibly!

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