Overwatch Lunar New Year 2018


Who’s a fun event? You are! Good Dog!

Right off the bat, I have to say that I am disappointed yet again with the lack of D.Va content. However, I am willing to give this event a pass as a new skin was released beforehand. Still, Jeff when will you start giving my main decent stuff?

The skins we did get are beautiful, my favourites being Widowmaker’s Black Lily and McCree’s Magistrate.

In terms of the updated Capture The Flag, it is a lot more fun than last years. When you pick up the enemy’s flag you can’t use any movement abilities such as Sombra’s Translocator or Tracer’s Blink. On top of that if the match ends in a draw it will go into a sudden death round and the flags are moved closer together.

We also get a competitive mode, if you place in the top 500 you get a special animated spray and player icon. If you don’t place but still take part you will get something for your effort.


I have been having a blast playing Capture The Flag, my hero of choice is Sombra as she is great for defending your flag and covering your teammate as they book it across the map.

Speaking of maps, Ayutthaya isn’t half bad. I love the duality of ancient and modern designs. Also, there are multiple different ways to get to the enemy flag depending on your playstyle.

I prefer attempting to sneak in from the sides, making a dash to the flag then bolting it. It has worked, but it does depend on whether or not your team protects you.

Overall I’m enjoying this event. I hear that it is going to be running longer than most Overwatch events which sounds like good news to me.

Good luck on your Placement Matches!

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