Dark Academia Book Recommendations

With the Autumn chill still in the air and the days growing even darker, now is the time for Dark Academics to catch up on some reading. 

November is the moodiest month, making it perfect for reading these types of books. Grab a mug of freshly brewed tea and a warm jumper, let’s do this!

The Secret History

You cannot have a list about Dark Academia books without mentioning The Secret History by Donna Tartt. 

The Secret History follows Richard Papen, a new student at Hampden College as he is inducted to a small class lead by a charismatic classics professor. The students begin a journey that will change their lives forever, perhaps even costing a life along the way.

I am currently reading The Secret History myself. So far, I am enjoying it. I can see why this book is so beloved by the Dark Academia community. 

Drinks with Dead Poets: The Autumn Term

Wouldn’t you love to study poetry by talking to some of the greatest poets of all time?

Unfortunately that isn’t a possibility. However, Drinks with Dead Poets: The Autumn Term isn’t too far off.

Using real quotes from the likes of Poe, Whitman, Byron, and the Brontës this book is a must-read for all lovers of classic poetry.

The Magicians

I’ll be blunt, The Magicians by Lev Grossman is Harry Potter for adults.

Quentin Coldwater is taken away from his miserable and dull life when he gets admitted to a magical college. Turns out, magic isn’t what his fantasy books made it out to be like.

I do feel the need to state this here and now. This book seems to be very hit or miss. It seems that people either adore this book or despise it. Consider yourself warned.

The Truants

Jessica Walker is studying under a writer she admires and ends up in a small group of charming misfits. With passions running high, someone is bound to be hurt. After all, you can’t live a thrilling life without taking some risks.

If you read my review of The Truants by Kate Weinberg you might be surprised to see it here.

I decided to include it here because while I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as I exacted to, I’m sure someone else will. 

Hopefully one of these books piques your interest. Happy reading!

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