RWBY Drinking Game

tenor (1)Just two days left until RWBY Season Six! I can’t wait, so like other fans, I have been rewatching my favourite episodes.

Then, I had an idea. Why not make a Drinking Game to pass the time?

One note before we begin, as always, please drink responsibly.

Take a shot when;

  • 8c528c7ba5a189669095c0f8f223f03a8ee6b852_00.gifWeapons transform
  • Weiss says “HEY!”
  • Someone says a bad joke/ pun, take an extra shot if it’s not Yang
  • Someone gets slapped, take an extra if it was Sun
  • Cinder Smirks
  • you spot a Rooster Teeth reference
  • Sun uses his tail
  • Nora freaks out
  • Jaune puts himself down
  • Qrow drinks

Bonus Rule

Finish your drink when a named character dies. Trust me, it will help dull the pain. I’m still not over some of the deaths.

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