Page Turner: Overlord

51dOuSpC3GLImagine if you could enter a fantasy world as an overpowered skeletal lord. Well, Momonga doesn’t have to.

Written by Kugane Maruyama, Overlord starts off as a long time player of the MMORPG Yggdrasil stays online on the final day of the game server before it is shut down. However, when the game world ends he finds himself in it as Lord Momonga, his character.

I just finished Overlord: The Undead King, the first Light Novel in the series. Every time I asked for Light Novel recommendations this title kept popping up, so I picked the first volume and, well, forgot about it for a bit.

It’s a bad habit of mine but I often buy books and unless I was dying to get my hands on it, I tend to add it to my growing collection and not touch it for a while until I remember it or, more often than not, find it while looking for another book and think “oh yeah, I own this” and finally start reading it.

That was the case this time around. Honestly, I regret putting off reading Overlord as it is one hell of a Light Novel.

Illustration2 001Word of warning, if you aren’t into MMORPGs then this is not the Light Novel for you, particularly this volume. Since it is the first one it spends the vast majority of the plot focused on establishing not only our lead but his followers, how the guild was made and how the world operates.

Quite a lot of the internal logic follows MMORPG mechanics and Momonga often recounts the former glory of his guild and Yggdrasil.

I love MMORPGs, so once I started reading Overlord: The Undead King I couldn’t put it down. On top of that, the lead is an interesting character and his followers all have unique and distinct personalities. My favourite side character has to be Mare.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that around the time I started reading Overlord: The Undead King my Free Company was in the process of getting us a house and I was playing a lot of FF14.

If you are looking for an interesting take on the ‘guy gets pulled into a fantasy world’ genre, then might I suggest this series. On top of the Light Novels, the anime adaptation has two seasons so if you prefer watching to reading, it might be worth it to check out the anime.

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