Page Turner: Several People Are Typing

The first book of the new year! Starting off the new year right with a creepy wild ride of a novel. 

Work can be tough on a regular shift, but want if your very soul was stolen by it?

Several People Are Typing by Calvin Kasulke is a bizarre horror novel told via Slack messages, jumping around to different conversations between co-workers. Gerald somehow has his consciousness sucked into Slack after an accident. While he has it pretty bad, some of his co-workers are also starting to find themselves in some weird situations. What exactly do poisoned dog food and a broken desk have to do with this work environment? Well, you will have to read it for yourself to find out. 

Several People Are Typing isn’t a full-on horror novel, but it has plenty of spooky supernatural moments, especially in the later half. The big twist did creep me out. I would describe it as more of a horror comedy. That is not a bad thing at all I really enjoyed it. From petty workplace gossip and drama to co-workers hooking up, it was an interesting read. Getting multiple perspectives on the unfolding chaos was great. 

There is a certain moment that I really hated because it was underplayed in the novel, but it was something that was, frankly, messed up and unnecessary. Worse still, it’s treated like a joke later on. That didn’t sit right with me, but that could just be my interpretation. If you have read it, I’m sure you know what I am referring to so what do you make of it? 

Several People Are Typing is a hard book to talk about as it is quite short, and I don’t want to give any of the twists away. 

All in all, I liked Several People Are Typing. It is unhinged in the best way. With unique characters, an interesting concept and a creepy vibe, this book is a great quick read to help start your reading challenge off on a good note. 

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  1. that sounds like such an interesting way to tell a story! def need to look this up and wow, you’ve already finished your first read of the year, i’m still sleeping my vacation away xD maybe this is the motivation i need to hurry up and start reading

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