Page Turner: The Night Circus

I’m going to say this right now, The Night Circus is one of those books that is best-experienced blind. Stop reading this ramble right now, find a copy in a shop or your local library and read it now. It is truly a one of a kind book.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is a Fantasy novel about two magicians in a locked in a duel of sorts. No one but the involved knows about the game. Even the two players don’t know the full extent of the challenge. All they know is the battlefield, a circus.

ed2be11f059048110f36222c534c8d9dLe Cirque des Rêves.

This circus is unlike any other. Not just because of the awe-inspiring attractions but this circus simply appears and disappears. No advertisement or any warning. It just pops up in seemingly random locations at random times.

Morgenstern, how dare you create the best circus in the world that will never exist! I haven’t read a book in a long while that has made me want to go to a fictional world in ages. I would do anything to spend a night at Le Cirque des Rêves.

Needless to say, I can see why the circus has devoted fans that follow it around the world.

I guess the closest we will ever get is the small self snippets. Every now and then, a page or two is written from your perspective as you explore this reality-bending circus. The detail is so vivid you feel like you are actually walking from tent to tent, living in that fantastical place.

Now, talking about characters is a bit tricky since I seriously don’t wish to spoil the tiniest detail but there are some things I want to mention. Most characters get at least a few pages from their perspective, which normally might be a bit much. If you have a lot of characters, it can get muddled fast. However, since they are all in the same location, for the most part, it works well.

The story isn’t in chronological order which isn’t as confusing as it sounds, considering that the book follows several storylines. Sometimes with stories with this structure, I find one plot or two a bit dull and dread when the story goes back to that plot. That isn’t the case for The Night Circus as all the stories are intertwined and bring more insight. Since it is all centred around the circus, it flows well.


The best element of this book is the atmosphere. This is one of those rare books that are able to drag you into the story and make you feel bad when you have to put it down. With each page turn, you find yourself falling deeper into the magic and mystery of the circus.

The Night Circus has already become one of my favourite books of all time. I am kicking myself for not reading this sooner since it was published in 2012. Better late than never.

Of course, I highly recommend this book. Especially if you love magic, fantasy and mystery.

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