Sonic The Hedgehog Review

For better or worse, as of yesterday, this is the first film I have gone to see in 2020.

After joking about it with my D&D group, Fates Folly, we decided to go check it out yesterday. You know what? I am glad I did. This film is a lot better than I expected.

Based on the video game franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog follows Sonic, of course, as he tries to escape from Dr Robotnik.

Yeah, the plot is really simple and somewhat predictable but you know what, I don’t mind. If you are looking for a deep impactful story with twists and turns, you might want to check out some other showings. This is a Sonic movie, what did you expect?


There are so many hidden gem references that I am sure I missed a few. There was even a Sanic one that had the theatre chuckling. A theatre of all adults might I add. The team behind the film did their homework.

Ben Schwartz does a terrific job of bringing the blue speedster to life. His portrayal of Sonic is rather cute. After living in isolation for years, even though he is running for his life, he is having a blast being able to finally have friends.

Speaking of actors, Jim Carey clearly had a blast in the role of the villain. Constantly giving a gloriously over the top performance. I understand that his brand of comedy isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it got a few laughs out of me. It’s hard not to get sucked up into his enthusiasm.

The supporting cast are good too. Tom pretty much becomes a brother to Sonic and their dynamic is quite entertaining and sweet.

Like the internet at large, I was horrified by the original look of Sonic and was delighted with the redesign. While not the best use of CGI I’ve seen (Detective Pikachu blows this film out of the water) it was pretty good. Especially the slo-mo shots. Also, drawing a line in the sand here, Baby Sonic is way cuter than Baby Yoda.

The comedy is your typical family-friendly fair but I would be lying if I said I didn’t chuckle a few times. Though the flossing and some of the “hip” jokes were a bit on the cringy side for me personally.

giphy (1)

Overall, a pretty decent film. I am a sucker for light-hearted films so I really liked it but I can see how some others would find it a bit bland. I would agree that this is one of the best video game films ever. It’s fun, pays homage to the games in a way that implies the filmmakers had a lot of respect for the games, which is rare to see.

There is also a sneak peek for the next film at the end. A certain character showed up and quite a few folk in the audience got excited, myself included. I may or may not have squeaked “My Son!” when he popped up, but considering the cheers around me, I don’t think anyone but Fates Folly heard me.

If you are a fan of the Sonic games or want to take your kids to see something that won’t bore you to tears, I would recommend Sonic The Hedgehog. Not perfect but a decent film that I would see again if I get the chance.

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  1. It definitely seems good for what it is. If nothing else, I certainly give the team credit for changing the title character’s design after the initial reactions. You see, this is what happens when you actually take constructive (and not-so-constructive) criticism; you have a chance of improving your work.

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