Page Turner: The Case Against Satan

Before The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby, we had The Case Against Satan.  In this horror classic by Ray Russell, a young woman is starting to have violent fits that worry those around her. To the point that the local bishop and another priest step in to help her. Things prove to be in dire straights as they work to... Continue Reading →

Autumn Reading List 2022

Only around 20 days to go until it's autumn! The cosy vibes, spooky season and pumpkin everything! I may or may not have already started decorating with pumpkins all over my room and crocheting new comfy scarfs for my growing collection. That would be silly! ... Moving on. It goes without saying but this time... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things Read-A-Like

I am still recovering from Season 4 of Stranger Things. That ending, ouch.  I might be a bit late since it stopped airing a while ago but I needed time to heal. Yeah, still not 100% there, but the show must go on. My goto curse for a broken heart? Reading to fill the void.  So,... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Thirteen Storeys

Roommates can suck, but at least yours isn't a fowl phantom presence. Well, it might be. I don't know your circumstances. Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims is a horror novel which takes the concept of a haunted house ghost story and elevates it to a new level.  The plot revolves around Banyan Court, London. A split... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Ring Shout

I thought it was common knowledge that the Ku Klux Klan was monstrous, but this novel takes it to another level. Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark is a dark fantasy historical novella set in the 1920s. Ever since the release of The Birth of a Nation in 1915, monsters from an unknown realm started infecting our world.... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Bloodchild

Typically I review full novels, but I just finished a novella that blew me away and I just had to preach about it for a bit. The novelette in question is Bloodchild by Octavia E. Butler. Bloodchild is a short story about a family of humans who live on an alien planet in an isolated community called "The... Continue Reading →


Today's ramble is just a bit on the short side, as I wanted to share a little milestone with you guys. Last Sunday, my D&D group celebrated our "Strahdaversary". We have been playing our Curse of Strahd campaign for a year now. Time flies when you are fighting for survival in brutal Barovia. So far, our kill... Continue Reading →

Friday the 13th Read-A-Like

I am so excited about tomorrow! It's Friday the 13th! I know that tomorrow is considered an unlucky day, but I tend to have a lot of good luck. That, and as a diehard fan of the Friday the 13th horror franchise, it's a great excuse to binge-watch the films.  For this Read-A-Like, I focused on horror... Continue Reading →

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